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YOur twO FAVOURite JoKEs Of THe DaY.

YOur twO FAVOURite JoKEs Of THe DaY

“I told my son he would marry a girl I choose”… He said NO!

I told him the person is Obama’s daughter… He said YES

I called Obama to let him know that “my son will marry his daughter” – He said “No”

I told Obama, my son is the CEO of world bank. He said YES

I called the president of world bank and told him to make my son the CEO. He said NO

I told him that my son is Obama’s son- in- law. He said YES

“This is just how the world works these days”… You must know someone, or someone that knows someone in order to be accepted. It is all about connection”;


Two friends Elias and Ben​​ were walking home and a lady happened to be blowing a kiss to one of them from the window of a three story building.
Their conversation went as follows:

​Ben:​ Man, look at that chick, she is a blowing kiss at me…

​Elias:​ Guy, leave that one, don’t mind her.
(Then the lady signaled to him to come)

​Ben:​ Man that babe is calling me!

​Elias:​ My friend, don’t go.

​Ben:​ Why would you ask me not to go when a fine babe like this calls me?

​Elias:​ Ben, I beg you, don’t go, please don’t go there(feeling pity)

(The friend ignored him and went over to the lady, she went down to meet him and they both went upstairs. Suddenly as they were about to have fun, they heard a car honking) 🔊🔊

​Lady:​ (checking through the window) Yoh! That’s my hussy !!

​Ben:​ Shucks! I’m in trouble, right?!!

​Lady:​ Don’t worry, just pretend like you’re the laundry man and iron these clothes (pointing at a heap of clothes)
(This guy spent over five hours ironing clothes because the husband never left home again that day.)

(The next day he went over to his friend’s place)

​Ben:​ Bro, can you believe that I ironed clothes for 5 hours yesterday???

​Elias:​ But I told you not to go. All those clothes you ironed, I WASHED THEM!!
When an experienced person speaks… listen!👂