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On the other hand, Nelson couldn’t stop thinking about Christina, she occupy is thought and reasoning that he couldn’t do anything without thinking about her, the worst part of it all was that he couldn’t sleep with any other girl the way he use to , and it was something he couldn’t understand..


With that he concluded and decided to give it a try and have is way with her , just maybe that will give him the opportunity to forget her. 


Seating in my office going through a particular file, I couldn’t concentrate , all I kept on thinking about was spending time with Christina.

But what if she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, since that day I gave her a ride home, she hasn’t called me, and it was kind of strange to me, because all the girls have been with are the one doing all the calling and planning of date..


I thought Christina would do the same but it’s seems I was wrong from the very beginning ,it’s means I will be the one to take the very first move, I needed to do something, with that I picked up my phone and dialed her number..


At the second ring, she picked up the phone and I was glad she did 


Hello angel

Good day sir,

Who is on the line 

This is Nelson on the line and this shows you didn’t save my contact .

Oh , I’m so sorry for that

It’s nice hearing from you again and thanks for the other day..


My pleasure dear, it actually nothing.

So, are you free later in the evening

I think I should be, any problem

No, problem.


If you don’t mind can I take you out for dinner later in the evening, but instead she didn’t say anything she just kept mute on the other end.


Hello, Are you there

Mmmmmm, yes I’m 

Sorry for that

And for your request , I’m really sorry I can’t

Do have a nice day 

And with that she hanged up , not caring to listen to me..


After what has happened to my family and with what is still happening, I couldn’t bear it anymore, mum kept on telling dad how he betrayed and hurt her, and all he could do was apologized and begged mum not to leave him.


Due to the fact that I couldn’t stand them exchanging words, I spent most of my time locked up in my room away from them and their arguments.


Then my thoughts went straight to Nelson, he hasn’t really called since the day he dropped me home, I was happy but another part of me was sad, could I be falling for him I thought , with that my phone rings , I looked at the called id and there was no name , I decided to ignore but decided against it and I answered the call.


I heard his voice and knew he was the one, I needed to be sure so I asked and he confirmed it. 


When he offered to take me out for dinner, I was surprised , I couldn’t respond immediately different thought were running through my head at that moment.


What if he is trying to get me just to use and dump me , if there is anything have learnt so far is that men are not to be trusted, everything they do or anything they decide to do always have a hidden agenda,they always have a reason before doing anything.. 


With that I refused the offer and hanged up immediately.


But immediately I did that a part of me was sad and disappointed.


I thought about it again and decided it won’t be bad if I played along with him and beat him in his own game, I looked around my bedroom and concluded I had to do something more lively and fun, with that I picked up my phone and dalied is number and he Picked up almost immediately.


Do your offer still stands?

Yes, and have you changed your mind ?

Send me the time, and the name of the restaurant , with that I hanged up not answering his question.

I’m so going to have fun, I decided to pick a dress I’m to wear when my phone vibrated, I looked at it and it was a message from Nelson,then I opened the message.

Time 7pm

I will come pick you up myself,he is really trying to be a gentleman,with that I smiled and dropped my phone..

I just hope this goes well,I thought as I laid on the bed ,I really need to rest a little.


Alisha got home that day feeling hurt and used, she couldn’t believe he would actually make her do something like that ,she couldn’t believe she could allow him turn her into something else, with that she went straight into the bathroom and cried until she couldn’t cry anymore it was then she realized she as fallen in love with him,was that the reason why I kept on thinking about him?

Is that the reason why my body respond to his touch even when I tried to stop it?

Is that the reason it hurts so much whenever he says hurtful words to me?

 She questioned herself looking for an answer to all her question but she wasn’t getting any and it hurts her the more, to her it was as if the all world was against her, happiness was one thing she wanted most, but it seems the more she wants it , the more it becomes difficult to get..

The dream of every young and beautiful lady Is to be happily married, but the truth is can she really be happy knowing fully well it was a contract marriage..

She wanted him so badly that it hurts and she kept on thinking of him , with that she came out of the bathroom laid on the bed and slept off.