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I couldn’t believe what he just asked me to do, I should touch myself and make myself wet.

I ignored him, looking at him when he spoke again..

You are really trying my patient , do what I asked you to do..

With fear I started touching myself, not knowing if I’m doing the right thing or not..

I continued until he stood up angry and stood beside me 

Then he leaned closer to my ear and whisper..

What I’m going to do to you now will make you think twice before going against my order next time, I will touch you so hard that you will scream and people outside will get to know how useless of a bitch you are..

That was when it became Dawn on me, the reason why he ask the secretary and Mike to stay around,

I was about jumping down when he touched my soft spot, he started rubbing and touching my pussy, I hold my moans 

 And he kept on rubbing and touching me..

And I started moaning his name loudly…


Looking at her naked before, was something else, I noticed her looking at me , trying to see my reaction, but I never put on any expression

Everything About her looks so beautiful and perfect, the urge to make love to her was so strong that I couldn’t control myself.. 

Then I asked her to touch herself and make herself wet…

she started doing it, turning me on with the way she was busy touching herself, yet she had no idea..

What exactly is wrong with me, the aim of all this thing is to make her ashamed of herself..

Then I decided to do the work myself..

I stood up and went closer to her and whispered in her ear..

I touched her pussy and started rubbing it, I looked at her and noticed she was trying to hold her moans, and I smiled wickedly,

Then I increased the pace at which I was rubbing her, and she started moaning my name just the way I loved it..

Not wasting anytime, I put my finger into her and she was so tight as fuck, I pull out my finger and put it into her back.

I continued fingering her and she started moaning my name Loudly..

Dominic, oh, ah, Dominic

Do you like that , I asked her

Yes was all she said…..

I looked at her lips and felt the urge to kiss her, not wasting anytime, I claimed her lips.

She reacted to the kiss, and responded in a way that turn me on.

Immediately I stopped kissing her and continued fingering her…

Are you close

Yes Dominic 

With that I increased the pace and fingered her faster

Then she moan so loud that the people outside could hear her,

Dominic make me cum, faster Dominic,

When she About to cum I pulled out my finger and pushed her off me..

I looked at her expression and it was the look I wanted,

It was filled with shame , hurt and embarrassment….

Now will you get your useless body off my desk and next time you thing of talking back at me,make sure you think of the punishment involved..

You just showed yourself to be a slut, I wonder what the people outside will think of you, 

Anyways you are nothing but my toy and don’t worry I will give you want you need in the night,



I couldn’t believe myself, I just let him use me again, why do my body keep reacting to his touch, imagine I was moaning is name shamelessly, he has finally succeeded in making me look like a slut, not wanting to hear any of his Insult again, I got up from the desk , became to dress up, tears filled my eyes but I had to hold it off, I couldn’t break down in is presence..

I will never let him see my weak side, at that moment I decided to treat him bad and play is game with him, just for once I decided to be the slut he took me for..

With that I stopped dressing looked up and saw him looking at me, I studied him closely and saw the way is eyes were traveling down my body..

With that I removed all my clothes , and sit on the desk closely making sure is eyes were following my movement, I placed my leg on the desk and stayed in the position I was earlier ..

With that I started rubbing myself and moaning slowly,I kept on looking at him,and he just stood there looking at me…

Then I put my finger into my pussy and I started moaning John name

Oh oh oh John

Yes john,just like that

Yes,that the way you know I liked it..

I never removed my eyes from direction, though I closed my eyes,but I could still see is reaction..

I saw his expression and I was happy,he was hurt just the way I like it

I continued

Yes john,make me cum for you,just the way I usually cum for you..

John go faster I continued and kept on rubbing my breast with my other hand.  

I continued like that until I finally find my release and I shouted John name..

I got down from the desk , dressed up and faced him..

All those times,you were busy touching and rubbing me,it was John I was seeing not you,your touch feel so irritating and disgusting..

You are no wear compared john my ex

With that I picked up my bag and left is office , and saw Linda and Mike staring at me..

 I left without saying a word,and when I was out of there site,I let the tears out and I cried all the way home..

The truth is there was no ex,I haven’t even dated anyone, because I never took it seriously.

All those times I was touching myself,it was Dominic I kept on thinking about,and it’s really hurts to know my body betrayal me whenever he touches me..


With that I decided to stop thinking about anything and went home straight but I couldn’t stop the tears from dropping.