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I heard the door closed and I looked back to see he was no longer standing there..

What type of a guy Is this?

To him, I’m nothing but a brought toy.

Who could have believed my life will just change within few days.

I thought about my dad and I felt nothing but hatred for him, if he had not left us I wouldn’t be in this situation.

What type of a man will actually do that?

He didn’t even bother to come look for us.

Now I’m in this situation, I looked at the time and saw I have just five minutes left to get to the office not wanting to dare him this time around, I quickly jump up from the couch and went to the bedroom straight, not wanting to waste time looking for what to wear, I decided to wear a gown with that I combed by hair and left the house straight heading to the office..

I pray I don’t get there late…



Nothing get me more angry than to be ignored by people, I stood there waiting for her response instead she ignored me.

Angrily, I left the house banging the door, and I got into the car , before I knew it , I was already at the office..

I walked into the office and saw Linda concentrating on a particular file. 

I moved closer to her and she looked up to see me.


Good morning sir

Morning Linda

How are you doing?

I’m fyn sir.

Very good.

With that, I was about walking away when I remembered Alisha was coming to the office and there was absolutely nothing for her to do when she comes.


Linda, I said turning around

Yes sir

You can take the day off and resume tomorrow very early.


She nodded, then I walked straight into my office.


I sat down and check the time and saw it was 5 minutes pass 12.


She really likes disobeying me, I thought and I’m sure going to make her regret doing that.


I opened my briefcase and saw the drugs the doctor gave me, and I became thinking of my Life.


What if there is more to life than I think?

What if I can go for this Operation and it’s successful,

I remembered my life growing up as a child and concluded there was nothing to live for..


My thought went back to the station and I became angry,still no report about the man who destroyed my family,is name was something I remembered very day,but now it’s seems I can’t remember remember is name anymore..


No matter how difficult or hard it’s going to be ,I will make sure I put him behind bars before living this Earth.


I heard the door opened and closed then I looked up and saw Alisha

Immediately I checked the time and it was 12:30 already.


And why are you coming by this time?

What time did I ask you to leave the house and get her?

You really like annoying me don’t you?


I kept quiet waiting for her to respond ,but instead she just stood there looking at me.


Have you suddenly become deaf and dumb or is it that you can’t ear me clearly.



You asked me to come over to the office,and here I’m I ,just tell me what you want me to do, because I really don’t have the strength and energy to argue with you.


How dare you open your mouth and talk to me in that manner,have you forgotten I bought you over with my money.


I perfectly remember you bought me over with your money,and anytime I remember I feel sick and regret ever agreeing to marry you,and we bought know the only reason I accepted this stupid offer was because of my brother,so you can go ahead and do whatever you like,I really don’t care anymore..




I’m sure going to make you regret everything you just said.


With that I picked up the office phone and called Linda  


Hello sir

Are you still in the building?

Yes sir

Very good stay back and don’t go home until I ask you to,and I’m going to call Mike to come over 

You both can try to get along to know each other, with that I ended the call.


And called Mike.

Mike ,I want you to go over to Linda desk and stay with her,you mustn’t leave there until I ask you to


Yes sir


With that I ended the call.


I looked at her and should see the look of confusion and fear


Very good,she can hide it all she wants but it obvious she is scared of me.


Come here ,I said


But she didn’t move , instead she just stood there looking at me..


You know I don’t like repeating myself,why don’t you be a good girl and do what I ask you to do,or else you want to increase your punishment..


Come here..

Within few seconds she was already standing in front of me.


Very good my toy.


Now I want you to take of your clothes…..






I rushed into the building and checked my time only to find out I was 30 minutes late.

I’m so done for

With that I went straight into his office ,not bothering to answer his secretary who greeted me..


I entered and saw him looked up immediately he heard the door closed.


He started talking but I refused replying him,not until he crossed the line..


Who exactly does he take me for,just because he paid me to marry me..


Every single day I become more ashamed of myself,but as long my mum and brother are okay

I have nothing to fear.


Here I’m I standing close to him not knowing what to do until he said it


Take off your clothes..


I was shocked and confused at the same time,you can’t be serious about that.


I’m dead seriously,is either you pull them off yourself or I help you to it,but I promise you i will make sure I rip your dress apart..


Not wanting to get him more annoyed,I took of my gown , leaving only my underwear..


Take the rest off.


Dominic you can’t be serious.


I’m dead serious,and don’t let me repeat myself next time or else the punishment will be more.


With that I removed my underwear and I was completely naked before him,I felt my face stained with fears and I quickly cleaned them off ,not wanting him to see it..


Now sit on the desk


I did without asking any questions and he placed my right leg on the chair and separated the other leg.


I became more scared and afraid of want he will say next..


Now ,I want you to finger yourself and make yourself wet..