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I tried sleeping but I couldn’t, I rolled and rolled until I was finally able to sleep for some hours, then when I woke up I felt the sharp pain, the pain was so much that I decided to stay in bed for some minutes, I looked at my side and I found out that Alisha wasn’t there…..

The pain kept on increasing, then I decided to go see my doctor..

I tried taking my bath, then I dressed and went downstairs , I saw her sitting on the couch but I decided to ignore her, I don’t have the strength to argue with her.

I picked up my phone and called my driver to come give me a ride to the hospital ..

I looked at her, and I saw she was confused, I expected her to question me as usual but she didn’t, instead she concentrated on the program she was watching.

I felt really bad , but I decided to push it away, my phone rang and I looked at it to see that it’s my driver calling..

I stood up and walked out of the house and entered into the car with that he drove…

Finally they arrived at the hospital and he quickly walked to the doctor office,he couldn’t bear the pain any longer.
He explained to the doctor and the doctor told him , he is putting more damage to his brain if he doesn’t go for the operation and he has limited time Left….

He refused going for the operation as usual instead he asked the doctor to give him another set of pain relief, which the doctor did , he decided to go home but on is way home, he decided to go to the police station to see how far they have gone in search for the man who destroyed is family, he got there and they couldn’t give him any reasonable answer ..
Angrily he left there and told the driver to take him home….


Nelson on the other hand kept on planning on how he is going to get Tina on is bed and under him, he believes that is the only way he will be able to forget her , immediately he have is way with her..

But the question is, after having her, will he still be able to forget her and let her go..


After eating the food I ordered for,I decided to call home and ask of Alex..

I pick up my phone and on the first ring ,she answered the call..

Good morning mum
Morning, my princess,how are you doing?

I’m fyn mum and you?

Fine also.

How is Alex,I will have love to come by today ,but I’m tired and I need to rest.maybe after my lecture Tomorrow,I will come over to see him..

Alex is fine…
Alright dear,will be expecting you tomorrow..

Alisha ,hope all is well?

Yes mum,but why do you ask?

Nothing much,I saw Dominic earlier today in the hospital he went straight to the doctor office and I was a little bit surprised..

Alright mum,all is well

I need to go mum.

With that I hanged up, before she starts asking me questions that I don’t have the answers to..


I have little time left ,I think it’s time I had sex with Alisha and let her serve the suppose of why I paid her to marry me .

I got home and I met her still watching television..

I conculded that she was jobless that is the reason why she has time to sit down and watch television.

I looked at the time and saw it was still early,I decided to give her something reasonable to do..

I went straight to my bedroom, put on my office suit and went downstairs .

This is 11:30 before 12:00 I want you to be at the office and I don’t know how you are going to do it..

And get yourself prepared ,this night I’m gonna sleep with you,so you can serve the suppose of what I paid you for..

With that I left the house…


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