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What is April fool’s really about?

Worldwide, April fool’s day also known as all fool’s day is celebrated on April 1st but most people don’t know what it is? How it started? Or specifically why it is celebrated on this particular day. Well, even I do not know as well but let’s find out a little…

April fool’s day is an annual custom consisting of practical jokes, hoaxes and general silliness that jokesters expose their actions by shouting ‘April fool’ .

Some history speculates that the celebration dates back to the late 1500’s when a new calendar was adopted and some say it is a western cultural tradition but its actual origin remain a mystery. Anyway, every country has its own speculated story and what remains is the continuous celebration of the holiday which is not legal (not a Public holiday) by the way.

Even as we can’t explain the exact genesis of April fool’s day, people everywhere still celebrates it with the excitement of prank or be pranked and by the end of the day when the victim has fallen for the prank, the prankster yells ‘April fool!’

If you really want to know how seriously people take this day, you should check out ‘The Swiss Spaghetti Trees’ of 1957, ‘Taco Liberty Bell’ of 1996 or funny enough ‘My Story’ …..

I remember clearly that windy day when I was returning home from school with my Little Sister and we were both tired, pressed and hungry but as you know it, the street leading home looked so endless that even though we saw our house, it looked almost impossible to reach in time. 

Remembering that earlier in the morning I had snuck a diaper into my bag so I could show my classmates, I took it out and gave my little sister so she could poo then I tied it in a small black nylon bag and dumped it in my bag before proceeding on our endless journey home and really you won’t believe what happened few hours later…….

I completely forgot about the small package in my bag and went to prepare for my neighbor Mrs. Sarah who usually gave out sweets to us kids. While we were in her house, she invited my parents over and suggested we all played a game where one person would be blindfolded and given different things to taste so he could guess correctly what was given and excited little me raised my hand insisting to go first. I started tasting and guessing till it started becoming difficult with the food items both smelling and tasting funny.

“don’t worry, this is the last one” Mrs. Sarah sympathized with me when I complained and some part of me was wondering if my parents were still in the room watching me as I suffered. Something passed my nose, once, twice but the smell didn’t sit quite right with me, “baby, go on and taste it” my mum’s voice finally encouraged me so I held my breath and tasted the thick substance that clung to my fingers like butter…I almost screamed when I opened my eyes to see the black nylon in my dad’s hand and truly the shocked look on my face matched the one on yours.

You may want to be more careful or skeptical because everyone is out on prank you but what can I say, its April fool’s day and you fell for my little hoax but for what April fool’s day is all about, it is actually your personal Comedy…

Happy April fool’s day everyone.

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