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Although   domestic mice  can be cuddly pets,  wild mice  and rats  are unwanted visits to our homes because they are large breeders and transmitters of diseases such as  salmonellosis ,  leptospirosis  and  toxoplasmosis. So, don’t even think about having them in your house, right?

In fact, have you ever stopped to think  about where these urban pests come from ? Rats usually reach homes through
.Floods and are always looking for food and shelter to breed. Yes, they want to share their home space with their family.

Even with several attempts, the rats continue to invade your yard and you don’t know what else to do? Don’t panic and check out tips  for killing mice in your home.

Rats have incisor teeth that keep growing. So, the act of biting allows the teeth to always stay sharp and not grow in excess. That is, they can not stop using them, so they are always gnawing, be it objects or food.

Thanks to this sharp dentition it is possible to see if  there are mice in your home . Watch for the appearance of gnawed items or supplies.

Through the  feces of the rat  it is also possible to identify the presence of the animal. The waste is small and dark.

Even your pets can help you confirm the existence of mice. Generally, cats and dogs can be agitated at night if they notice the presence of rodents.

 A great option  for killing mice  are  the baits that protect and eliminate rodents before they even enter your home. The baits are prepared with ingredients that the rats like, that is, an attraction for them. The baits are also effective  in eliminating rats directly from the nest , as the rodents take the product to their “home” and there they feed on the baits and thus end up dying.

In addition to using a  specific product to exterminate mice , here are tips to help avoid the presence of rats in your home.

– Identify where the mice are coming from.

– Do not leave garbage and drains uncapped.

– Before taking any food into the oven, check this part of the appliance, as it is one of the rats’ favorites. Also check the washing machine and even refrigerators.

– Food should be kept in closed packaging or, if you can, place it in pots, to  make it difficult for mice to enter .

– Do not accumulate empty cardboard boxes.

– Regularly check the hygiene of your home’s roof. Many rodents reach the environments through the covers.

– Try to place the garbage bags on the sidewalk close to the time of passage of the truck that collects the waste.

– Do not leave the remains of animal feed for too long in the containers. Wash the pots every night. 

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