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Chapter 9

A few days later as Nchimunya walked me home, I saw Mwamba with some guy that looked way older than her.
“Hey Chanda,” she said and walked to me leaving the guy waiting for her.
“Hey. Where are you coming from and where to?” I asked her.
“Mum sent me to take money kuli bana Martin so now I want to see my friend Purity,” she said while playing with her fingers. I did that when I was nervous so I knew she was lying.
“It’s almost 17 this is not the time for you to see friends. Tiye Ku nganda (let’s go home)” I told her and she frowned.
“But Chanda I won’t take long, her house is just pa corner I’ll come soon,” she tried to argue but I wasn’t having it.
“And who is that one?” I asked her pointing at the guy.
“Oh that one, he’s a friend,” she said and I was surprised.
“Iwe ka Mwamba how old are you? That guy looks 18 and didn’t mum tell you not to be having male friends as young as you are?” I scolded annoyed.
“But you’re also with a male friend,” she defended.
“Ichongo (quiet)! I’m your elder sister so don’t ever question me again. Now turn and start going home, I should find you there. And should I see you with him again I’ll tell Mum, you even know how she is,” I said and clicked my tongue.
She furiously put up a face and walked fast in front of us. The guy seeing the situation went the opposite direction.
“Sorry about that, I don’t know what’s becoming of her,” I said and held my forehead.
“It’s okay, Beenzu was hard on me at some point aswel. Don’t stress, she’ll come around,” he said and pecked my cheek as we walked. I smiled shyly.
When I got home, I found Mwamba in her room.
I told Kombe about what happened and she talked to her aswel. She called me to her room afterwards.
“Tell me a ka story. That guy that people have been seeing you around with, is that my semeki,” she asked with a grin. I felt shy and covered my face then chuckled.
“Which people?” I asked worried, I hope she didn’t tell mum about it.
“Just people. I haven’t seen you guys myself but I hear he’s handsome. I won’t scold you like I did to Mwamba because you’re 16 and you know what you’re doing. You know how mum is and I bet she has given you her rule. Its okay for her to try and dictate your life but in the end its all up to you. Your life, your choice. You’re really young, and you won’t be young forever so enjoy it while it lasts,” she said and I was glad my sister was there to tell me those words.
“Now, when am I meeting him?” She asked and we chuckled.

I managed to avoid going to Nchimunya’s place and I was glad. Friday came and Marian said we could study at their house since they had a Library. I told mum about it and she said it was okay as long as I came back home before 18:30. I was wearing a blue ripped jean with a yellow top and white sneakers. She was in an orange bodycon dress and white nikeys.
“So how’s Nchimunya?” She asked as we waited for her brother to pick us up.
“Uhm he’s alright,” I replied flatly.
“Are you guys a thing?” She asked and I knew she liked him.
“Yes we are, why do you ask?” I asked and looked at her.
“Well I’ve been crushing on him since I first saw him. But since he’s taken I’ll back off,” she replied and chuckled. I felt jealous, why was she crushing on him? And how many others where crushing on him? And was he crushing back on her? This was so frustrating.
“Tell me more about yourself,” she said after an awkward silence.
“Ask me what exactly you want to know and I’ll answer,” I replied without looking at her.
“How old are you? What’s your favorite colour? Favourite musician, hobbies, and all,” she said.
“I’m 16, I love Purple, uhm I’ll go for Chris Brown, and I love reading and movies. Tell me about yourself,” I replied and looked at her.
“I’m 16 aswel, I love grey…” she said and went on and on.
I surprisingly became comfortable around her and we told each other about our families. She lived with her mum and dad and her brother who was a pharmacist had a house of his own.
“You’re late,” she said as she talked to her brother on phone.
“Oh okay I see you,” she said as the car pulled up. She opened the back door and got in and I did the same.
“Remai what took you so long,” she asked angrily.
“Not even a hai, what a sister,” he replied in a big voice then looked back. He had a smooth chocolate complexion and had big bright eyes and a long face but didn’t resemble Marian in any way. The neatly groomed beard on his chin looked really nice and completed his manly look.
“Hey there,” he said and smiled politely. His smile was cute.
“Hai,” I replied shyly and smiled back.
“Tell your friend she’s got a cute smile,” he said to Marian as he started driving.
“She’s right here, do it yourself,” she said and we both chuckled.
“I need to get ice cream by shoprite,” she told him.
“Iwe I’m running late aii, I have somewhere to go,” he replied.
“I won’t take long please,” she said and he sighed then pulled over.
“You’re going alone, if you both go you’ll take long,” he said and she agreed.
“Can I get you anything?” She asked.
“No thanks,” I said with a smile. She got out and there was silence as her brother typed away an his phone and I starred out of the window.
“You’re quiet,” he said as he put his phone down and turned to me. His voice was big and manly so it startled me.
“So are you,” I replied and looked down.
“I’m Remai by the way, you are?” He asked and I looked at him. Remai, such a unique name.
“Chanda,” I replied then smiled.
“Nice. How old are you?” He asked.
“I’m 16,” I replied.
“Still a baby, nice,” he said then chuckled.
“I’m not a baby, I’m a young lady,” I defended. He looked at me closely with those big eyes.
“I’m 22, You’re a baby to me,” he replied then looked away.
“6 years older, yes I’m a baby then,” I said and chuckled.
“She finally agreed,” he said and I could see him smile.
“Sorry I took long,” said Marian as she put two filled up plastics on the seats.
“Ice cream huh,” Remai said and rolled his eyes.
“I got you guys chocolate. Who wants mint and who wants dairy milk?” She asked and raised two big bars.
“Mint,” me and Remai both said and we all chuckled.
“You can have it,” I said then grabbed the dairy milk.
“No you have it, I’m being a gentleman here,” he said as he pulled out of the parking lot and I took it.
We soon got to Marian’s place and they had a big house in low density. The gateman opened the gate and exchanged greetings with Remai. I figured that they were from a wealthy family. My parents weren’t rich but we were comfortable.
“We’re here. Mum and Dad aren’t home and the house keeper has knocked off so I got us food. Help me carry this one,” she said and handed me a plastic bag as we walked to the door.
“I’m off kiddo,” Remai shouted through the window.
“Come eat with us,” said Marian.
“No I’m running late. What time should I come take her home?” He asked referring to me.
“18:00 sharp. Please don’t be late, she has a curfew,” replied Marian and he laughed a bit.
“Kids,” he said and shook his head then drove out.

We got to her room and it was just as nice as the rest of the house. She had bought fries and sausage so we quickly ate then got to work.
We made a timetable and agreed on the topics we were weak in. We then answered some Biology questions together then we called it a day. She said Remai would pick me up around 15 the following day since we agreed on studying on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Since their house was far from ours, her Dad assigned Remai to pick me up since he was on leave.
At 17:30 we sat and watched a movie on her p.c so I decided to text Nchimunya.
He asked how studies where going and he told me he was at a friends place playing FIFA, boys!
At exactly 18 the gateman came to tell us that Remai was here already.
“See you tomorrow. And here’s your ice cream, you’ll have it with Mwamba,” she said handing me a plastic with a big bowl of chocolate ice cream in it.
“Thank you so much, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said then headed out. I entered the car then looked at Remai.
“Hey,” I said politely.
“Hai. I’m not driving the president, come to the front,” he said and I chuckled then did as I was told.
He then came close to me and took his hand and brushed it against my shoulder and I was startled. He smelt so good i couldn’t help but breathe his scent in. He got the seatbelt and buckled it up then looked at me.
“Safety first,” he said and winked then drove us away.
The ride was quiet and the only time we spoke was when I gave him directions.
I got off and waved at him. He waved back and drove away.
I didn’t see Nchimunya all weekend and I missed him so much. But it was okay because on Monday we went back to our routine of him escorting me home and I was happy.
As usual weekends were spent with Marian and Remai driving me. Me and Remai barely talked, he was still as reserved as always. He got my number and would call me when he was near and that would be it.
I got to meet Marian’s parents and she looked so much like her dad and Remai resembled their mum. Her parents were really kind and generous and they were happy Marian had a friend like me. And if you’re wondering, yes, we became good friends.



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