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Chapter 8

Marian had called me and we decided to study together on weekends in the evening. Despite talking to her, I had a little bit of hate for her which was obviously out of jealousy after the Nchimunya encounter.
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she waved as she got into her brother’s car after tuitions.
“Alright see you,” I waved back and was so glad Nchimunya was not yet here.
“Hey hun,” he said as he approached.
“Hey babe,” I replied and we hugged then started walking.
“How where lessons?” He asked.
“They were okay. How’s your day going?” I asked him.
“Great since I got the chance to be with you. We’re going to my place by the way,” he said and my heart started beating fast.
“Why your place?” I asked him nervously.
“My sister wants to meet you so why not today? You knocked off a bit early so we have some time before your curfew,” he said.
We had both morning and afternoon lessons but we only had one subject this afternoon so I had some time and mum wouldn’t be suspicious. We usually knocked off around 16 and it was only 14 so i had time to spare. But meeting His sister? Oh no! He had told me that his mum was late so he lived with his dad, elder sister and young sister. His father was away for some work so it was just them at home.
When we entered the gate, some Chihuahua puppies came running at us and I screamed then hid behind him. I loved dogs but was really scared of them, even puppies.
“They don’t bite,” laughed Nchimunya as he held one in his arms.
“This is coco, Rex and that’s Milo,” he said and I fell in love with Milo. He was a light brown adorable puppy and was so cute.
“They’re adorable,” I said still hiding behind him in fear.
“Okay get on my back,” he said as he put Milo down.
“I’d say no any other day but not today,” I said and got on.
“You’re not as heavy as you look,” he said and we walked in and the puppies trailed behind us.
The house was medium sized but beautiful. When we got inside, he closed the door and the dogs pouted as he locked them out. He put me down and walked me to the living room, the house was tiled and had really nice furniture.
“Hey kiddo, where’s Beenzu?” He asked a little cute girl who sat watching cartoons.
“Market. Hey there,” she said and waved at me. She was so adorable and had Nchimunya’s eyes and nose.
“Hey how are you,” I said with a smile.
“I’m okay, you’re so pretty,” she said and chuckled.
“Aww thanx, and so are you,” I replied.
“Babe this is Mainza my little sister. Zaza this is my girlfriend Cathy,” he said and her eyes lit up.
“Finally. Beenzu will be so happy to see you,” she said as she giggled, she was so cute.
“Yes she will, continue with your cartoons,” he said and held my hand then led me through the passage.
“I didn’t clean my room today so bear with me,” he said and I laughed softly. He opened the door and we got in then locked it. His room was neat except for the few clothes on the floor and the bed which wasn’t spread.
” your room is really nice. I didn’t know you where this neat, even I couldn’t manage white beddings. This is impressive,” I said.
“All thanx to our helper, she washes them every after two weeks,” he said and I helped him spread the bed as he played some music thru his speaker.
He then sat and patted the spot between his legs for me to sit aswel.
I nervously put my back on his chest and it felt nice. He then put his arms around me and drew circles on my thighs. I was wearing a mini dress and he was in sweatpants.
“This feels really nice,” he said and sighed.
“Yeh it does,” I replied with a smile.
He then moved and pushed me down with him. We lay there in a spooning position and it felt so right. My back was pressed against him and and his arms were still around my waist. I turned and faced him and our faces where only inches apart.
He leaned in and I leaned in too so our lips met and we kissed. I ran my hands over his chest and his travelled to my behind and pulled me closer.
He then got on top of me and and continued with the kiss. He moved from my lips to my neck kissing me softly that I was lost in pleasure. All I could do was moan and he went further down to my chest. He pulled my breast out of my bra and gently sucked on it, the pleasure was intense and I could feel myself getting wet. He then moved to my other boob and did the same while he pinched the other nipple. At this point my legs where wrapped around his waist and he pressed himself on me.
His hand travelled down to my wet undies and he pushed them to the side. He then put his thumb on my clit and rubbed it in circles.
That gave me intense pleasure that I had never felt before and I didn’t want him to stop.
As he continued rubbing I shivered and felt my muscles tighten. I let out a soft moan and he quickly covered my mouth with his other hand as he continued rubbing and that took me over the edge.
I felt like exploding but I held it in letting the pleasure take over. I couldn’t hold it in any longer so I let go and I felt my juices run down my thighs and his thumb.
The female orgasm is something I only read about and I had finally experienced it. It was breathtaking and I felt like I had been missing out.
“How was that?” He asked as he took a towel and cleaned me up and positioned my panty well.
I felt shy and held my hands above my eyes.
“You have to stop being shy with me silly. Now talk to me,” he said and removed my hands then pinned them on top of my head and looked into my eyes.
“Really nice,” I said and bit my bottom lip as I remembered the pleasure he gave me.
He looked at my lips and I saw his eyes darken.
“I wanted to show you that I can give you pleasure without taking your purity from you. Don’t bite your lip like that, you don’t know what it does to me,” he whispered into my ears and gently brushed his lips against them. That made me shiver.
“Okay,” I said and he moved his mouth to my lips kissing me slowly and passionately.
I tried to move my hands but he kept them pinned and got between my legs then rubbed his erect member through his clothes against me. At that point I felt the need to just feel him inside me. He kept rubbing and I could feel the pressure building as I felt the pleasure. As I felt my panty getting wet, he finally pulled away as he let out a soft moan and I figured that he came.
“Look what you did,” he said pointing at the wet spot on his sweatpants while breathing as hard as I was. We both laughed softly.
He took a clean towel and walked to the door.
“Let me take a quick shower, would you like to have one aswel?” He asked and winked.
“I must get going so no. Just be quick so you can push me,” I replied as I pulled my dress down despite being in wet undies.
“We’ve been here for less than 30 minutes, there’s still time,” he replied and went out then closed the door.
I sat on his bed thinking things through. What we just did wasn’t right. It wasn’t sex but it was sexual and was against my Christian principles. Saying I could avoid sexual temptation was easier said than done, how was I going to avoid this. But again the pleasure was out of this world and I wanted to feel more of it. ‘Lord help me’ I said to myself and the door opened startling me.
I looked up and saw the female older version of Nchimunya. She was clad in a T-shirt and jeans.
“Omg you’re so pretty. Thought he was kidding when he was telling me about you. I’m Beenzu, his elder sister,” she said and sat next to me on the bed.
I smiled nervously and thought of what to say.
“Nice meeting you Beenzu,” I said and she hugged me lightly.
“I’m so glad you’re here. Oooh what were you two up to, your hair is a mess,” she said and I was embarrassed but ended up laughing with her.
“Its not what you think,” I defended.
“Yeah right,” she chuckled “Nchimunya said he’d have his lunch with you so tell him its served when he gets back. Don’t go without saying bye Cathy,” she said and stood.
“Alright I won’t,” I replied shyly.

Nchimunya soon came back in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and slippers on.
I starred at his fine chest and his abs. The water dripping from his chest made it even worse and I felt the urge to touch him. I followed a trail that went down his abs and stopped on his towel and I swallowed hard.
I wondered what he looked like completely naked.
“Are you done staring?” He asked with a teasing smile of his face. I felt embarrassed and looked away.
“I didn’t know it was this easy to seduce you,” he said and I looked at him.
“I’m not seduced,” I replied and folded my hands.
“Then watch me dress up and don’t look away till I’m done,” he said with a wicked grin.
“Fine,” I said taking and bit my lip taking up the challenge.
He raised an eyebrow surprised that I agreed.
“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” he said and winked. I felt my heart beat faster, damn he was a charmer.
He then dropped his towel and my mouth dropped. His length was was amusing and I couldn’t agree more with my dormmates who talked about tall guys having long machines.
He started walking towards me and I moved to the corner.
“Why are you running away from me?” He asked and I was speechless. He cornered me and kissed my cheek softly.
“I want to fill you up completely and make you scream my name,” he whispered into my ear seductively and I widened my eyes and shivered out of fear. Fill me up with that huge thing? No way!
He burst out in laughter then got himself a pair of boxers and put them on.
“You should have seen your face,” he said and continued laughing.
“Haha so funny,” I said teasingly and faced the wall.
“I’m done, let’s go eat then we’ll take you home,” he said and I turned then found him wearing a grey short and black vest which showed his muscles off.
As we ate, we talked about random stuff and he said he wanted me to come over more often.
I nodded but had plans of avoiding it as much as possible. The feelings he had steered up in me made me almost forget about my rules so I needed to get myself in check.


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