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I stood among the maid and looked straight at him not showing sign of fear..

He kept on walking about looking at us one after the other, he got to my front and kept on looking at me, at that moment I locked up everything that should make him sense I was the one he was looking for..

And luckily for me,he walked away and moved to the next maid..
I made up my mind that it was time for me to leave the palace and go in search of my great grandmother, I needed answer to some questions..

You can all go back to your duty post.

With that we all left and went back to our duties.

I saw it as an opportunity to escape, so instead of going back to my duty, I passed through the kitchen door and escaped,I ran quickly before they could notice my absence in the palace..

I got to a path filled with Bushes and river and I decided to rest…


I kept on looking at the maids and yet I couldn’t point out which one is her Among them.

I decided to take my Time to observe them one after the other.

Until I finally got to the front of a particular maid with mark on are face and I looked closely at her.

something about her wasn’t right and I couldn’t place my hands on it, I looked at her one last time and decided to move to the next maid..

I sent them all back to their duty post, when I couldn’t figure her out, but my mind kept going back to the maid with mark on her face, with that I ordered one of my men to bring her to me.

When they came back and told me she was no longer in the palace immediately I knew she was the princess..
But why is it that I could not point her out, how was she able to lock up all her scent and everything.

This is getting more serious than I thought, I decided to act fast and do what my master ask of me..



After what my father told me, I decided to step out of the underground world.. I just couldn’t trust that man ..

I decided to train myself on my speed and I started running.

I continued running until I got to a path filled with Bushes and river , I decided to stop and take a look before continuing, I moved closer to the river and I sighted a young lady sitting on the grass crying.

I moved closer and tap her immediately she jumped up with fear..

I looked closely at her and saw she was filled with fear, I was about talking to her when she walked pass me and started running..
I decided not to run after her.

Not wanting to waste anytime, I started running towards a different direction…



I sat down on the grass crying, when I felt someone tap my shoulder, with fear I jumped up thinking it was one of makada servant, I looked at him and he didn’t say a word then I concluded that he wasn’t one of his men..

But something about him wasn’t right, not wanting to waste my time thinking about that, I ran passed him and continued running..

I must get to my great grandma place before night fall..

I continued running and running until I finally arrived at her place.

I got there and was about to knock when she opened the door,.

Welcome my child
Finally you are here

I was confused, how did you know I was coming grandma.

She smiled and said, I know all that as happened so far, including what happened to your parents..

You are here for answers to all the questions you have.

And I’m sure going to give you answers to all your questions..

My child, you are been protected by the great forces of the earth, you have powers that you yourself don’t know you have, you can do more than you think you can do..

Your parents never told you, that you are half vampire, half human, because they believed they could change you, that is the main reason why they stopped you from stepping out of the palace…

You have lots of work to do my child, the good vampires are looking up to you , to protect them from makada and is evil men..

I’m here to guide you, with the little time I have left..

What I’m I to do grandma?

Nothing much my child,for you to be able to win over makada
You have to learn how to use your Powers and you have to kill makada first son before he does that..

Because onces he is able to kill is first son before you do,he will become more powerful and it will be difficult for you to win him..

Grandma,how on Earth I’m I to know is first son..

On your way to this place,you met him already..

I couldn’t believe this..

Nothing seems to come easily….