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Use this method to secretly spy on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages without touching their phones to know if they are cheating on you or not.


Step 1: Enter WhatsApp Using Your Partner Account.

Meanwhile You can actually login WhatsApp with your partner WhatsApp account by downloading the app on playstore or visit below
👇👇👇👇 on chrome .

No 1: Open your web browser and visit https://web. whatsapp .com/ or download whatsapp web on playstore

No 2: You will get a QR code over there.
No 3: Launch the WhatsApp application from the targeted phone, click on the tab on the right-hand top corner of the WhatsApp application.

No 4: click on the option stating WhatsApp Web.

No 5: The camera will be launched and you need to scan the QR code available on your Personal computer or phone screen (mobile).

No 6: Your boyfriend/girlfriend’s WhatsApp app will be successfully synced with the web app.

When that’s done, you can keep a check on whatever your partner does on WhatsApp .

Disadvantage of this below.
There will be a notification stating that “ WhatsApp Web is currently active” these will appear on the target device, so if your partner happens to check his/her phone, they will discover the truth about it….

Step 1: U have to access your partner’s phone inother to scan the QR code and successfully login to the WhatsApp Web.

Step 2: Restore Messages From Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Backup option.

U can try restoring the messages from your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s WhatsApp backup.

Below are the steps on how to know how to read WhatsApp messages of your date using backups on WhatsApp.

Firstly: Go to the WhatsApp app on your girlfriend/boyfriend’s mobile.

Secondly: Click on the tap or option on the top right side of the screen…..

Thirdly: Click on the “Settings”~ “Chats”~”Chat Backup”last.

Fourthly: click on the Google Drive Settings to set the frequency of the backup process on the mobile device.

Next step: Select your girlfriend/boyfriend’s account as next option.

Next : click on “Add Account” if you do not have her account already linked to your mobile device.

Next: Click on the “Allow” option.

Lastly: click on “Back Up” button next to manually backup on your Mobile device.

By doing this you would get your girlfriend/Boyfriend’s WhatsApp backup on your mobile device.

Disadvantage of this.

U have to ensure your girlfriend/boyfriend has synced his/her WhatsApp backup on Google cloud if you want this method to work for you.

Don’t forget to verify their cell phone number for restoring and this will be done by sending a verification code to their
Phone number…….comment below, thanks!!
Jimmy swagger!!