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As a lady ,these things should NEVER be done to your man..
If you are a lady (single or married )that wants to enjoy your man and be happy in your relationship never do this things..

1. Never cheat on your man…
It will only destroy him emotionally and physically too…You will never gain
His trust again…

2. Never compare Your man with other men .it will only make him feel sad and insecure.. because all men are unique..
Love him for who he is and always make him happy..

3. Never let him feel bad about is look..never tell him he’s is ugly because that will only hurt him and ruin his self- esteem..

4. Never disrespect and humiliate your man in public…learn to build his integrity and pride.. don’t embarrass him to the extend he can’t face himself..

5. Never treat your man like dirt.. never take your man for Granted.. Always respect him because that is one thing real men can’t do without..

6. Never use what he loves against him to blackmail or manipulate him.. Anything your man loves, holds great value so never use it against him.

7. Never make him to choose between you and someone who means the world to him such as is mother..

8. Never try to control all aspects of his life. Don’t tell him what to do and what he shouldn’t do .he isn’t your slave or dog, he is your partner..

9. Never be a burden. Never be Someone your man can’t tolerate even for a minute.. Always be a plus to his life..


“A wise woman builds her own home…”

Do things that will make your man love and value you…



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