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In the community today ,there are lots of things the society like to tell the women,things they shouldn’t do on there period.

Some of the women still believe that they cannot go out while on there period because of the fear that the scent will attract people..

But a big thanks to the gynecologists because they have been able to clear some doubts and give little guidelines on what a lady should do, and what she shouldn’t do when having her monthly visitor..

What you should avoid when
On your period..

* Stay away from salty diets.

Eating food with high salt content can actually make your cramps worse with fluid retention..

In simple terms, eating food with high salty content can worsen the cramps and in the process make it more painful..

* Engaging in unprotected intercourse.

Having unprotected intercourse while on your period can results into best you avoid such.

* Don’t smoke.

Medical research as shown that ladies who smoke regularly experience server and more painful period.

* Don’t use the same sanitary pad for a whole day.

Using the same pad all day long can use bacteria and can also add infection.

It better to maintain cleanliness while on your period to avoid infection.

* Do not take breast examination.

Taking breast examination can cause sever pain while on your period..
Avoid it.

* Avoid drinking diaries.

Eating cheese and drinking of milk or youghurts during your period can cause cramp and make it more painful.

Menstrual period for all ladies is very much certain,and there is nothing that can stop it expect pregnancy or menopause.

So don’t feel bad, put on the best smile and keep yourself busy with what you like doing best…

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