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As we all know ,it is nearly impossible to be a complete or consistent Christian without engaging in the spiritual exercise such as fasting.

In order word, fasting is one of the important and major exercise of both the Christian and Muslim.

So in this article,we will be seeing the things we should never do while fasting,..

In order word, if you keep to these information,it will make your fasting more effective.

* Avoid pride..
Some people use fasting as a means to show off,so that people can see them fasting..

It is very wrong,and it will not bring out good results, because such fasting will not be noticed..

When fasting it should always be between you and your creator,no third party need to know about it…

* Avoid sin

It is very dangerous and risky to be fasting while sinning, because such fasting can only lead to health issue like , stomach pain,ulcer and others.

So when fasting, Try to avoid sinning ,so that your prayers can be answered.

* Do not neglect communicating with your Maker..

Fasting becomes hunger strike fasting when we fail to communicate with our maker.

So, our fasting should always be accompanied with praying and with you studying the word of God.

Nowadays,many people just fast for fasting sake, and it’s very wrong because you might have Health complications.

When fasting they are alot of things we should avoid and never do such as abusing, stealing, cursing, swearing, keeping of malice and many more.

Avoid this things,and get positive results when fasting….

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