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Every guy wants that lady who cares about his welfare and is interested in things he does..

Part of the reason most relationship don’t last for the ladies is simply because someone out there is doing what you are supposed to do for your man..

In the process you lose him to the lady out there….

In as much as we ladies want to feel loved and cared for,the men also want to feel the same way….

So in today article,I will be telling us the type of lady every guy wants inorder to keep your man

1. He wants a lady who supports him in all his endeavors.

2. A lady who cheer him up when he is down.

3. A lady who will Ask him how his day went..

4. A lady that will always Reassure him that he is the only one for her.. because he knows he is not the best guy and he also think he is

5. A lady that will trust him and respect him.

6. A lady that won’t question his intention.

7. A lady that will cook for him.

8. A lady that he can have funny and deep conversation with..

9. A lady that will always cling to him.. because he likes it when you are clingy to him.

10. A lady that will brag about him to her family members and friends.

11. A lady that will always tell him to keep going that he is on track..

12. A lady that will stick to him no matter how the journey gets tougher.

13. A lady that he can tell things to in private…

14. A lady that he will always be proud of….

Mostly importantly….

15. A lady is truthful.

16. A lady he can always trust.

Never bad mouth your man for any reason..

Be that type of lady every guy will wish to have..

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