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The life I want_ episode 25_30

🌻🌼The Life I Want 🌻🌼(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤




👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 Written by Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen 🌏🌏




 ✨🌟💫 Episode 25💫🌟✨









Emily Pov 🍀🍀


I heard foot steps approaching and the person on mask quickly left me on the floor almost dead,Dylan and his friends and also Angela with some of the students came in but

I was unable to see properly and my eyes shutdown


Dylan Pov 🌼🌼🌼


Oh no,I saw my Emily on the floor lifeless,I carried her,while we rush to the the school clinic and they took her in,we were waiting outside,Angela was really worried,Fred and Gary suggested we should not inform her mom yet that she is going to be fine, the doctor finally came out and said Emily is very strong,with the bruises and mark,she was strangled by someone thank God you brought her here on time,you can go in and see her.


Strangled,who wants kill to Emily ?,we went inside and she woke up and we ask her if she can remember anything,


I remember seeing a student on mask, attacking me and I struggled with the person but he over powered me and he started strangling me,the next thing the person ran away when he heard footsteps but I was unable to see his face and I can’t even recognize him,Emily said.


Hmmm,Gary responded by saying we need to inform the police cause the CCTV was shut down when this incident took place,the security were unable to detect the person,


Fred response was that they did it intentionally,we need to find out why.


Few minutes,the police came in and they ask Emily who are rival is and if she has issues with anyone,Angela quickly responded for her by saying Anna and Kiara,the police called them to ask them questions.


Gary said,I know Anna might be annoying but I doubt if she can even have the heart to kill.


Kiara Pov 🌺🌻


I got a call to come to the principal office and I was asked several questions related to what happened to Emily but I told them that I might be jealous of her but immediately she became Dylan girlfriend,I stopped bullying her in school,what will I gain if I kill,I can’t kill someone sir and accusing me it’s wrong.

The police officer said no problem and ask me to take my leave.




Anna Pov 🌺🌻


I was called to see the principal at the office that it’s urgent ,I was shocked when they asked me questions relating to the incident that happened to Emily,I was surprised I’m hearing this,I can never do such a thing,I might be jealous of her with Dylan but I can never go to the extent of killing a girl like me,officer am innocent,I swear


The police officer said no problem that I can go home 


Officer 2 Pov 


This is really complicated,Officer Tom what do you think,

Tom said, I believe those girls are innocent,maybe she offended someone in the past and can’t remember the person but let’s keep on investigating the issue,we must find out who the student on mask is.



Dylan confronted Kiara and Anna for trying to kill Emily but they told him they were innocent and can never kill even if they bully her and Dylan believed them..

 Who could be the student on mask that tried to kill Emily or who sent the student to kill her? This is serious, amazing readers what do you think?



Unknown Pov 💢 💢💢


I slapped SJ when he told me he did not complete his mission,

You fool,you have the guts to come back here telling me you have not killed her,how come she is till breathing,kill that bastard of a girl,use all means,she will never be the heir

I have an idea, get someone in the cafeteria to poison her food or snacks she might want to buy,

He said, brilliant ma,will buy some one there and I warned him,try not to be caught or get notice okay. Emily let’s see who will come and save you😡😡




🌻🌼The Life I Want 🌻🌼(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤




👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 Written by Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen 🌏🌏




 ✨🌟💫 Episode 26💫🌟✨







Catherine Pov 🌺🌻


I got scared when Emily told me what happened to her today,my daughter has a good heart and I know she has not offended anyone but who could be after her life, please God protect Emily,I wasn’t myself at all.where is Scott by the way,Scott come and eat your food 


Emily Pov 🌺🌻


After class,I was so hungry,so I decided to go grab some food at the cafeteria, Angela will join me there so I ordered some food ,I know you must be wondering how am able to buy food since it’s expensive here actually Dylan gave me some money, I was waiting for the food to take it to my table I will be sitting waiting for Angela when one of the girl that was to give me the food told me to pardon her that her co worker will complete my order, they both swap,my phone fell down so I bent down to pick it when I stood up I saw Anna standing at my front and she pushed me,she got angry when the girl told her to wait for her turn,to avoid creating a scene I let her take my place and actually she did not make an order,she told the girl to give her what I ordered,I must confess Anna is really annoying,she took the food saying beggars like you are not supposed to eat here or order this kind of food.


Anna Pov 🌺🌻


Lottery maid,I took my food and joined my friend Jasmine and she hailed me for what I did to Emily,I saw Dylan sitting with Emily,I was so annoyed.after some minutes I started feeling sharp pains in my stomach and I told Jasmine,it got worst and I screamed,all eyes were on me and I started voting blood 


Jasmine Pov 🌺🌻


I got sacred,my friend started shouting that her stomach hurts,all of a sudden she started vomiting blood and I begged for help,Gary came in and carried her to the school clinic,God protect my friend,after some hours the doctor came out saying she was poisoned, POISONED!! I shouted but the doctor let us know she will survive it because they gave her the antidote at the right time.


Gary Pov 🌼 🌼


I got shocked,who wants to Poison Anna but Jasmine told me she doubt if Anna was the target that it was Emily that ordered the food but Anna took it which means they are after Emily life.

I left there and I had a discussion with Dylan,Fred, Angela and Emily, Emily your life is in danger,you escaped food poison today,Dylan had to call the workers to the main office in the school,Mr Castro was there with some police men to question all the workers that were on duty that day,after much questions and threatening,one of the girl agreed that she sold the food that was meant for Emily to Anna,that her other friend begged her to attend to them for her that she needs to attend to something important, I noticed she has placed the food already,it’s just for me to decorate it and serve and she was asked where is her friend and we noticed she was no where to be found.


Luckily the police caught her and brought her to the station for questioning and she finally spoke 


May Pov 🌺🌻


Officer am sorry,I did not mean to kill the girl in questions,let me explain what actually happened,I got a letter with huge amount of money attached to it that can save my brother’s life and I will get more money to start a better life, I was instructed to put this substance on the lottery girl food and shift duty immediately after that and I should leave the building instantly and I was threatened that if I refuse,I will meet my dead brother,that’s everything sir,am sorry sir please I don’t want to go to jail please sir


Dylan Pov 🌼🌼


Who is after my Emily,why can’t the police detect who the person is,the person must be evil,I must protect Emily at all cause,I won’t let any harm come to her.i decided to take her home and I told her to call me incase something strange it’s happening.

The next day at school,I got a call that Emily life is in danger,that she was attack outside the school,I got sacred instantly and I called Fred and Gary and informed them,we searched for Emily but couldn’t find her.




Where is Emily?


🌻🌼The Life I Want 🌻🌼(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤




👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 Written by Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen 🌏🌏




 ✨🌟💫 Episode 27💫🌟✨


        🌀🌀 Where 





Dylan Pov 🌼🌼🌼


We kept on searching for Emily luckily we found her on the ground with bruises on her,I was relieved to see her and we asked her what actually happened.

She responded saying she decided to take a stroll before going to work at the Da Vin house and she saw something strange that got her attention and she decided to take a look and unexpectedly some one on mask hits her and luckily for her Kiara came to the scene shouting to create awareness and the person ran and Kiara chased after him,I was shocked that Kiara actually helped me 


Fred asked Emily where is Kiara now,and we saw Gary coming with her,she was bleeding and bruises on her and she explained that she saw Emily been attack and decided to help and chase the person on mask but he hit me hard with weapon and I was too weak to run after him


Angela suggested we take them to the hospital.


I couldn’t sleep at night, I was thinking about Emily and who wanted her dead,at first I was suspecting Kiara but she was endangered too so who could it be? It’s been a while Emily and I spend time together,I really need to show her love,care and attention and spoil her with gifts so I texted her if we can go on a date tomorrow after she is done with work and she replied and agreed ,I messaged I miss you but this crazy girl replied me saying Dylan get some sleep and I got a text again from her saying I Miss You Too and I smiled and slept.


I tried stopping Emily to stop working as a maid but she refused,gosh she is too sturborn,I was welcomed by her mom Catherine and Scott, Catherine mom invited me for dinner tonight and I was really happy and Scott ask me a favor that if I could tell my dad thank you for him for giving out scholarship,that it has been his dream but I told him not to worry that he will get to tell him himself, Emily came out looking gorgeous and we went out, it was fun and we had amazing memories together and I was happy Emily shared her dream with me and I promise her that I Will love her endlessly,she smiled and I said you are beautiful,we were silent and I don’t know when I started kissing her and she stopped saying mom will be waiting for us to have dinner and we went back to her house,she was unaware that I texted my dad to come for dinner as well, immediately they saw Mr Castro they got happy and excited and we had dinner and Scott fufiled his dreams by thanking Mr Castro himself,I had the best day and dinner ever.

The next day I had alot to do and the crowd was so many that my second phone was stolen and I thanked God I memories Emily’s number,I decided to call her at night with my other phone and tell her my second phone got stolen.


Emily Pov 🌺🌻


I feel so lucky knowing Dylan and loving him as well,it’s just like a dream,my last wish is to know my parents and live the life I ever wanted,I got to the Da Vin to work and I heard moaning and I decided to check only to see Gary having sex with someone else,he saw me ,after some minutes he came to meet me and beg me not to tell Yoona that what happened was a mistake,I nodded,he says he loves her and his sleeping with someone else,hope Dylan is not doing same now,I got a text from him that I should come to the address texted to me close to the park that he has a surprise for me in a building,I smiled and hurried up to meet up with him.

When I got there,I saw a lady selling fancy things and sweet things to eat and she told me to pick something for the man I love and I did,I asked her if she has seen anyone looking for me and she replied no and I thanked her again.

I saw a house looking unkept and I walked in looking for Dylan and decided to call his name then I got hit by someone and I passed out.

When I woke up,I saw myself on the floor and I couldn’t find my phone to call for help,I was smelling fuel,oh mine,is like someone wants to burn me alive,I started begging for the person to let me go,all the doors were locked and I started inhaling smoke,I thought of Scott and Catherine and Dylan ,will I ever make it out of here ?





🌻🌼The Life I Want 🌻🌼(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤




👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 Written by Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen 🌏🌏




 ✨🌟💫 Episode 28💫🌟✨


        🌀🌀 Worst







Fred Pov 🌺🌻


I will be taking Angela on a date tonight,I feel so nervous,what will I get for her,I thought to myself,I called Gary and he directed me to a park that a lady sells fancy and loving things I can give to someone but I refuse to tell him I want to get it for Angela,he thought maybe am planning to play my games as usual,I drove to the place and saw the lady and she smiled at me and asked me to pickup something for the one I love and I did and paid her and she responded that she is going to love it,I was about leaving when she said if I want to leave the young lady waiting,I wondered who,she said a lady came in here not quite long and said she was waiting for a young Mr that his her love and I asked the description of the lady which she told me and it sounds like Emily ,I decided to call Dylan


📱📱hello Dylan you didn’t tell me you are taking Emily to the park


📞📞 What do you mean,have not even contacted Emily today,my other phone was stolen,why do you ask


📱📱 I came to get something at the pack but the lady selling describe a young lady waiting for me when I was about leaving and the description she gave matches with Emily,try calling her and get back to me


📞📞 Okay will do just that


🤔🤔A minute later🤔🤔


Fred she is not picking up,just check around or maybe the person looks like her


📱📱 Okay bye for now.


I wondered and I asked the lady what direction did she take in the park and she showed me, I walked down and saw Emily phone on the ground,I guess I was right,it’s Emily but why is her phone on the ground,sweet Lord,I saw a house burning gradually and I saw Emily on the floor lying lifeless,oh no,she must have inhaled much smoke and I called Dylan immediately,I was able to get through and take her to the hospital,I wish I didn’t showed up,she would have been dead by now.

Thank God she is fine,now me and Dylan along with Gary are really curious about who is after Emily life and the police still has nothing.


Unknown Pov 💢💢


Hi Mom


📱Hope you are fine my flower


📞Yes mom


📱How is your studies


📞Great mom


📱 I will be coming to San Francisco soon for some business meeting and I can’t wait to see you,take care of yourself and if you need anything let me know 


📞Ok mom,bye…


SJ comes in and I asked him if she is dead already and he told me she was rescued,are you kidding me right now, simple task and you failed me


Am sorry,we have a plan of going to her house and no one will be able to help her there cause she comes come always by 9pm


I like the sound of that,you know let’s have fun a little,I kissed SJ and we had sex cause I needed it and I asked him to leave and I want to hear good news.



🌻🌼The Life I Want 🌻🌼(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 Written by Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen 🌏🌏

✨🌟💫 Episode 29💫🌟✨

🌀🌀 Worst

Yoona Pov 🌺🌻

I truly love Gary but I got humiliated because of him,I need to quit what we have since he can’t let go of other girls,we just have a year here in high school and I will be going to college to further my studies,what will be my fate with him.
He took me out on a date and I expressed myself to him,I was shocked at his response,he pleaded with me that he truly loves me,that what ever he had with the other girls was just fun,he claimed to be crazy over me, I saw the look on his face and discovered he was telling the truth but what will I do,I truly love him so I decided to give a try again and he felt very happy .

Angela Pov 🌺🌻

After class,I told Emily I will be heading home to assist my Aunt Kathy with some things,I got home and assisted her.i can’t wait to appreciate her for everything she has done for me since i lost my parents,she got me a gift for doing well in school and my grades were okay,I felt really happy and we had dinner together.
I hate what Fred is doing to me,I can’t love him no no,I can’t crush on him,why do I keep accepting to go on a date with him,why can’t I turn him down, Angela he will only play with your heart and my aunt came in and asked what the problem is and I lied I was memorizing a story .

Scott Pov 🌺🌻

I got home super excited to show Emily and mom my results,I made good grades,same with Emily,I noticed the look on my mom face,she looks very happy and proud of us,we prepared dinner and invited Dylan, Fred,Angela,Gary and Yoona for dinner and celebrated,yea mom knows Emily friends.
Dinner was great and amazing,I played with Dylan and we watched a movie together and Emily entertained us by playing a song for us,oh I love it when she plays her guitar.

Anna Pov 🌺🌻

I was happy I did well in my results but my parents got upset with me for treating Emily bad when they were away and guess what I was told to apologise to that lottery girl,never in this life will I do such a thing never,I just lied that we are good now,I faked playing with Emily in their presence and I know that Emily will be shocked but whenever my parents are away,I put her in her place,Jasmine called me to go out with her and we had fun,but I vow to keep frustrating Emily because of she I almost died, stupid lottery girl,she don’t deserve to school or work here.

Catherine Pov 🌚🌚

Am so proud of Emily ,she never disappoint me ,she begged me that she is having a movie night with her friends at Dylan house,and I permitted her to go,I came back from work late and met Scott sleeping already,I just had to cover him properly and I took some tea and freshen up,I decided to sleep at Emily room cause I was actually missing my daughter just a night that I won’t see her.
It was 10pm,I noticed the lights went off, everywhere was so dark and I heard footsteps and I got a small touch out to check on Scott,I noticed someone passed but couldn’t see the person,I got the boldness to check very well and I noticed Scott room was opened and I checked on him and he was sleeping and I shut his door and I thought maybe I was thinking to much and decided to go back to Emily room when someone kick me and I tried looking for my glasses on the floor but everywhere was dark,the person came back and what I could only remember he said before he stab me with a knife was let’s see who can help you now and he brought out a knife and stab me deep and left me to die,then the light came back and Scott came out and shouted mom in tears.



Do you think jealousy can lead someone to do such evil ?

🌻🌼The Life I Want 🌻🌼(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

👩‍🦰👩‍🦰 Written by Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen 🌏🌏

✨🌟💫 Episode 30💫🌟✨

🌀🌀 Why


Scott Pov 😭😭

Mom,who did this to you I cried,I quickly dialled the emergency number and I called Emily to let her know.

Mom please be strong the ambulance will be here soon

Scott my son I love you,but Incase I never make it,do take good care of your sister Emily

Mom stop talking like that please,you are a fighter,you are strong,you will make it,why us,who did we offend,why pick on our family,luckily the ambulance arrived with the police,Emily and her friends came as well.

Emily Pov 🌺🌻

We were watching Romeo and Juliet with the others,Dylan rested on me,I wanted to hit him but I felt comfortable.

Fred passed my phone to me that Scott is calling,I answered the call but he talked with tears on phone,

Emily someone broke in to our house and stab mother,I have called the emergency number already, they are on their way,but am scared

Oh no,am on my way, mother please you will make it.

I stood up and I told them what happened,we need to go now,I was already crying.

Dylan drove us there,the ambulance and police where already there.

I saw my mother unconscious, they placed her on the stretcher and in to the ambulance,I and Scott went in and I held Scott as we left,we were crying and the question in my head was Why us.

They took her to the ward and the police checked the scene and asked us some questions,but I don’t think they were after my mom, they were after me,who is the person,what did I steal from you. we only prayed for mom to survive.

Weeks later

Mom was already getting better and she will be discharged soon.

Angela Pov 🌺🌻

After class I went along with Emily to the hospital,am happy her mom survived it,how would Emily cope if she is no more.
I got to my place and noticed it was scattered ,was someone here,who is there but I got no response,I saw a letter on the floor and I read it,it says,there is a cell phone on the floor picked it up and answer,the voice told me that if I want to see my aunt that I should deliver Emily to them by drugging her but if I refuse I will meet my aunt dead body,that I have just three days to decide and warned me not to act funny..

Dylan Pov 🌺🌺

I was having sleepless night concerning Emily,who is after her life.

Kiara called me that she was ill,I rushed down to her place only to find out she was lying, she wanted me to have sex with her,that she misses me,she is ready to be my second girlfriend but she is hard to resist,she was already on top me kissing me.

Anna Pov 🌺🌻

I need to forget Dylan,I need to move on,I know if he leaves Emily,his going to still choose Kiara, moreover am beginning to like Sam,his so cute but seeing him with Emily makes me want to kill her, she is a witch,a manipulator,the looks Sam gives to her is different from the way he look at me.

Sam and I went to eat at the cafeteria,when I asked him why is he with Emily,but he just responded that they are just friends but why am I asking
I said nothing at all,just be careful with that manipulator.
He smiled at me,oh God will you stop smiling I said to myself,he looks more cuter when he smiles.
I told him am having a bad day if I can come to his place,he refused but I begged him and he agreed.


Will Angela betray her friend?

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