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Episode 2

The security man saw Alex and he immediately opened the entryway, and Alex crashed into his dad’s manor, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to pondered once more.
“What does my dad needs to talk about with me so unexpectedly?” He pondered as he stopped his Lamborghini in his dad’s carport. Seeing lovely and exemplary vehicles would make anybody grin and like abundance.

Alex descended from his vehicle and went directly into the house. Alex was just 18 years of age when he moved out from his parent’s home. First he had headed out abroad to study and when he returned he chose to live alone. As he went into the house, Alex saw his mom coming towards him, with the sweet grin all over. “Mother” Alex called out and his mom embraced him so firmly. The lady tapped her child’s back like he was a young man.
“Alex dear I miss you alot, how are you my child” Alex’s mom said without a moment’s delay

“Mother, I’m doing incredible, I miss you a ton as well” Alex reacted as they separated from the warm hug and afterward out of nowhere the lady took a gander at Alex with a pitiful demeanor all over and said
“your dad let me know you were not feeling good, how are you feeling now my son?…. Goodness you look so slight, have you been eating admirably?”
“Mother, don’t stress I’m fine, I feel better now, I additionally eat well overall, you realize I have a cook yet in all actuality I missed eating dinners that are ready by you” Alex entered and his mom grinned.
“My dear, I have arranged your cherished dinner, how about we go in” Alex’s mom added

The mother and child strolled in to the parlor and down to the dinning room. Alex was finished with the heavenly dinner when he recollected the justification behind his visit.
“Where is Dad?” He tossed in.
“He is in his review room with your excellent dad” Alex’s mom reacted
On hearing that his great dad was near, Alex dashed to the review room.
Alex went to his dad’s review room and was cheerful to see his stupendous dad. He welcomed his fabulous dad and father with most extreme regard and his granddad favored him.

Alex’s Father flagged him to plunk down.
“Infact Alex my kid, your granddad was the person who had sent for you” Alex’s dad tossed in. Alex plunked down with full focus, Alex was hanging tight for his dad or granddad to talk however they were both quiet as they were both watching Alex harshly.
“My Child, you will be 27 years of age by next month…. Your dad wedded late and I don’t need you to get hitched late as well, you are my main fabulous child similarly as your dad is my main child, I need you to change this example, it won’t be awful assuming I get to see my extraordinary excellent kids before I join my precursors, I’m an elderly person, I am very nearly 90 years of age and your father is 59 years of age, I was 31 years of age, when I had your dad, your dad was 32 when he had you as well, my dear kid, I need you to get hitched on schedule, you are the main successor to Ogbolu line, we are incredible men, I need you to get hitched before you clock 30, let me see my extraordinary terrific kids before I join my progenitors” Alex’s granddad at last said

“What? Fantastic dad, But I’m as yet youthful, what do I have any familiarity with marriage furthermore there’s horrible lady separated from my mother and sister, the young ladies I have meet are just keen on my money”Alex entered without a moment’s delay.
“My child tune in, we have as of now observed a spouse for you, she is a decent young lady, believe me” Alex’s dad tossed in.
“What? Who is this young lady? Furthermore for what reason do you feel that I would need to wed her?”Alex asked indignantly
“Child plunk down let me clarify” Alex’s dad said serenely. Alex would have rather not pay attention to whatever his dad needed to say however when his granddad talked he at last remained even-tempered and afterward Alex’s dad proceeded.

“My child, I have watched this young lady for beyond what five years and I can let you know that she’s a decent young lady, the motivation behind why I need you to wed this young lady is on the grounds that it would help me to have an improved outlook, kindly trust me my child, I have truly mulled over everything, this association would help me to have an improved outlook, for a long time now I find lost my harmony yet I guarantee you that when you get hitched to this young lady, I will feel good” Alex’s dad tossed in

Alex didn’t see precisely where his dad was driving at with the “vibe better” talk yet Alex didn’t try to ask, he had felt that his dad was just extorting him inwardly.
“Father, i’m not prepared for marriage, I’m not, don’t compel me into doing what I don’t need, it’s wrong” Alex closed and afterward his dad entered “then, at that point, you would need to leave as the CEO of Ogbolu Industries”
Alex couldn’t trust his ears, “What?, Dad has it ended up like that? You just undermined me”Alex entered.

“My child it’s anything but a danger, I need to feel much improved, when you wed this young lady, I would enjoy harmony, if not, making her the CEO of our organization for quite some time would help me to have an improved outlook” Alex’s dad added. Alex was shocked that he asked his granddad to offer something however the elderly person was on the side of what his child had said.
“In our days, we don’t ignore our folks, I don’t have the foggiest idea why this age is difficult, self-important and overbearing, I don’t need an untouchable to be the CEO of the organization I set up, please my child, pay attention to your dad, trust me he has a valid justification” Alex’s granddad entered and Alex left with out saying a word.He didn’t go through the night at his parent’s home like he had arranged, he returned to home.
All his mom’s work to prevent him from leaving fizzled. Alex drove off angrily.

Then again, The female rider likewise had gotten to her objective however her musings was on Alex and the revolting occurrence that gave her a major dismay. She was a female dispatch rider, and that was the work she accomplishes professionally. Very much like Alex she was a hardworker, she have consistently endeavored to battle for her as well as her main sister.

The youthful female rider had lost her folks five years back in a fender bender and no big surprise she got terrified when that monstrous episode occurred with Alex. Her late parent’s were getting back from a wedding party when a vehicle from no where came and hit their vehicle, they kicked the bucket en route to the emergency clinic. She was just 20 years of age when her folks passed on, she needed to assume up the liability of dealing with her more youthful sister who was only 13 years at that point. Their relative had just arranged the burial service and thereafter they left them with void guarantees that was rarely satisfied.

For these couple of years, she had filled in as a cleaner, server and presently she is 25 years of age she turned into a dispatch rider and her younger sibling was 18 years of age and in her last year in auxiliary School. Aside from her occupation as a dispatch rider, The young woman was additionally a style planner. She fantasies about claiming a major design organization one-day.
She had shown up to her location, she advanced into a public compound, and afterward she thumped on the entryway and a wonderful teen young lady came to the entryway and said “Sister Angela you are back, how was your day? You don’t look lively today, what’s up?”

“A pompous imbecile nearly killed me today” the female rider whose name turned out to be Angela said as she described all that happened to her younger sibling.

End Of Episode 2
To Be Continued



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