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By Moses Swagger

Scene 1

Alex Ogbolu was the CEO of a multi billion naira organization. Alex was a beguiling young fellow who has cash, notoriety, and force. He was presumptuous, he dealt with ladies like clothes since he accepted that they are on the whole after his cash.

Alex was likewise dedicated, he viewed work in a serious way. Work was his main need. The greater part of his companions called him obsessive worker.

One-morning Alex woke up late without precedent for his grown-up life, he had woke up with a headache, his companions had constrained him to the club the prior night, where he had such a lot of cocktails.

“How about we go to the club and have some good times, who realizes we may meet some intriguing young ladies” His companions had told him, at first he had declined however his companions demanded and he concurred hesitantly.

“James and Richard will pay for this, they know how I treat my work in a serious way, still they hauled me to the club the previous evening, I can’t really accept that I woke up at 11:35am” he said as he gazed at the divider check that was in his gigantic wonderful room.

Alex raced to the washroom to have his shower and to plan for the afternoon. Few moments later, he came out looking revived. He selected some garments from his closet. It was a recently purchased dark fashioner suit and he came to his storeroom to get a couple of shoes, the shoe was likewise recently purchased.

Subsequent to dressing flawlessly. He went directly to his exemplary Lamborghini that was pressed just inside his enormous compound, his driver had been standing by the entire morning, the moderately aged man welcomed Alex delicately and he reacted by gesturing his head. Quickly Alex got into the vehicle, the driver turned over the motor, the security man squeezed the entryway’s remote to open the door and when the door was open, they drove off.

Getting to his organization, Alex saw that he was having a serious cerebral pain because of the headache.

He got down from the vehicle, and headed towards the organization’s structure, as he strolled into the fine structure, numerous good tidings was coordinated to him however he stroll past without expressing a word.

Being the CEO of a major organization, many individuals who worked in the organization consistently tremble in dread at whatever point he was near.

Alex was a heartless and unfeeling chief.

His granddad had begun the organization quite a while back and gave over the administration to Alex’s dad who extended and brought the organization into more noteworthy statures and afterward the organization was given over to Alex, who likewise extended the organization significantly more and made the organization more prominent.

Aside from work, Alex really focused such a huge amount on his family, his great father, his folks and his main sister Princess, were individuals that made a difference most to him.

In the mean time, Alex went directly to the lift and came to the sixth floor where his office was found. Alex had gotten into his office when his telephone rang. A sweet grin eased up his face as he saw who was calling

“Father, Good evening” Alex welcomed and he sounded so affable.

“Alex my child, since morning I have been making a decent attempt to contact you, I even called your PA, he let me know you were not in the workplace, where have you been?” Alex’s dad tossed in.

Alex stammered as he would have rather not pester his dad with reality.

“Father. …. I’m ..not feeling good” He figured out how to say.

“Truly? Have you seen a specialist?” Alex’s dad asked on the double, one could how perceive the amount he really focused on his child.

“It’s nothing significant Dad, I simply have migraine, I will take some pain relievers and rest” Alex reacted.

“Alright my child, on the off chance that you can kindly get back home today, I have something critical to talk about with you” Alex’s dad finished up and afterward he hanged up.

That day was a bustling day for Alex as he had a ton of desk work to deal with. Yet, when he checked his time and saw that it was evening as of now, he stood up and took his suit coat that he had eliminated before and strolled to the lift and down to his private vehicle leave, his driver strolled nearer to him however he excused him.

“Kindly return home, I will drive myself, I might go through the night at my folks house” he told his driver and he got into his Lamborghini and drove off to his parent’s home. Which was two hours from the organization as he was driving he was in idea, he asked why his dad needs to have a discussion with him.

He was in a profound idea that he didn’t see an engine bicycle at the front of his vehicle, he nearly ran into the bicycle, when he halted the vehicle, the motorbike nearly tumbled to the ground yet the rider some way or another controlled the circumstance and left the engine bicycle close to the street and Alex emerged from his vehicle and was amazed when he saw that the rider was a young woman.

Before Alex would say a word, the delightful woman entered “would you like to kill me? What’s your concern?” She said genuinely and simultaneously she was shouting so she could stand out enough to be noticed individuals that were passing bye.

“Quit being a busybody, uou are protected and I’m protected as well, for what reason are you shouting?” Alex entered

The youngster quit shouting and gazed at Alex with a wild look. There was such a lot of outrage in her excellent eyes and that kept Alex dazzled. “How is it possible that you would say that I’m shouting, when I just got away from death and you are not even repentant, do you realize how frightened I was, I had thought you failed to keep a grip on your vehicle brake or something”The delightful outsider said as yet raging out of resentment.

“This is a Lamborghini not a modest vehicle or a modest engine bicycle, my vehicle is only fourteen days old, it’s totally fine” Alex said with a glad tone.

“Gracious I see, rich monkey” the woman said on the double

“Rich monkey?” Alex rehashed and strolled nearer to her and she raked him over the coals.

“Indeed you are Rich monkey, a cash miss street, a spoilt imp, this vehicle doesn’t have a place with you, possibly it has a place with your daddy, numbskull”

She stressed the “blockhead” with a grin on her lovely face.

Alex couldn’t resist the opportunity to gaze at her lovely face.

“For what reason are you manhandling me?” Alex figured out how to say.

“You are presumptuous, you think you are extraordinary or too large to even consider saying ‘sorry’ in light of the fact that you drive a Lamborghini, to hellfire with you” The woman said and strolled to her motorbike and zoomed off.

Alex returned to his vehicle and drove off.

“I should concede that she is pretty and charming however she so inconsiderate, despite the fact that she is unique in relation to each woman I have at any point meet, no lady has at any point set out to affront me in any event, when I’m off-base, each lady I have at any point met ordinarily apologize to me, asking on my feet at whatever point they found that I have such a lot of cash yet this young lady offended me such a lot of like I’m no one important, she called me names, i’m not sure what she implied when she called me “Rich monkey”Alex told himself as he drove towards his parent’s house, in couple of moments he had gotten to his parent’s manor and he horned at the entryway.

It was entirely self-evident, to the point that Alex will not fail to remember the spunky female rider neither would he be able to oppose the enchantment 🤎 that was pulled among them.

End Of Episode 1

To Be Continued



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