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The Dark Widow Episode 9 by Jimmy Swagger

Shelby checked the time. It was almost 8 pm

and she still couldn’t get any network. This was

frustrating. Nicholas promised to get back to her

at 6pm and now it was 2 hours away.

She couldn’t browse, couldn’t make calls,

couldn’t do anything. She was so frustrated .

This would have been the best time to talk with


She watched Cynthia who was busy hanging her

new window curtains. She was one of their

cleaners, in her early forties.

“Cynthia, does your phone have a network?”

“No princess. We are all having bad network and

it is so unusual.”

She shook her head. She needed to get the tag

back on time before the father would need it.

Well, what could she do. She just grunted and

hugged her pillow.

“I think coming home was a huge mistake.”

Cynthia gasped. ‘Why would you say that?”

Shelby sat upright. “I don’t know. Everything is

just somehow. Nana’s death, Fabian’s new

girlfriend, this stupid network! I should have

stayed behind.”

Cynthia smiled. “I know you miss your Nana.”

Shelby whimpered


. “More than you could ever imaging.” Shelby

replied. “That was the only mother I had. It’s

like fate doesn’t want me to have a mother.”

Cynthia moved closer to her and patted her on

her back.

“How did Nana die again?” She asked. “Cos, the

only message I had was that she had an

accident. What monster would have hit such an

old woman Cynthia? How can people be so


Cynthia sighed. “Well, that is something no one

can explain. I heard Fabian was the first to get

to her and he tried taking her to the hospital but

she died all the same.”



“He loved Nana so much. It must have been so

hard for him.”

“Yea, it was. No one saw him for many days. I

think he ran away, until your father found him

and brought him home.”

Shelby looked surprised. No one had cared to

tell her that, not even Fabian.

“He ran away for how many days?”

“4 days.”

“Where did he go?”

“No one knew where he went to. He just


This baffled her.


. where could he have gone to? And why didn’t

he tell her anything?

Seconds later, there was a knock on the door

and Cynthia went to get it. It was their butler,

Frank, an elderly looking man.

“Please, tell the young miss that master Fabian

is at the lounge, waiting for her.”

“Okay thanks.” Cynthia closed the door and

turned around to tell Shelby, but she was

already wearing her slippers.

When she got to the lounge, she found him

standing in the middle of the room, he was in

apolo-shirt and a pair of jean. At least, he wasn’t

in suit this time.

His face brightened up as he spotted her.

Why did he have to look so handsome when he

wasn’t even going to be hers?

“Hi Fabian, how was Paris?”

He smile and nodded. “It was good.”

“You wanted to see me?” She asked.

** *

For a while, Fabian forgot what he wanted to

say and why he had come. She looked so

stunning even in her white night robe and so


“Yea. I just…” He started as she kept looking at



“Yea. I just thought. It’s been a while and I

know I have been quite evasive lately. I just

want us to talk and….”

“Good. Cos I want to talk to you too. I heard you

were there when Nana died and I need to know

what happened and how it happened