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The Dark Widow Episode 7 by Jimmy Swagger

For a while neither of them spoke. Michael kept

looking at him as if he was probably mad. They

kept staring at each other. Suddenly, the phone

on the table rang, startling them both.

Michael cleared his throat and pressed the

receiver button . “Not now Rachael, I’m busy.”

Later he looked at Fabian again, disappointment

and fear was written all over his face.

“I can’t believe you killed one woman that raised

you and Shelby. You know how much Shelby

loved her. What the hell was wrong with you!

Don’t you have a heart? Are you so messed up

that you can’t even think? Nana…oh God.”

Michael whimpered.

Fabian was quiet. He felt more better having

told someone about the horrible thing he had

done, yet the guilt was over powering. He kept

looking at the floor, unable to think or say


“If Shelby finds out man, she will hate you

forever…she will hate you if she doesn’t kill you


“You think I don’t know that?” Fabian shouted at

him, tears falling from his eyes. “ I didn’t know it

was Nana


. All I had was an information about someone

that I would need to kill. All I had was an

address….i didn’t know….” Fabian sobbed.

“What do you mean you didn’t know?”

“ When I later discovered it was her, it was

already too late, I had already shot her. you

should have seen the shock and disappointment

in her face as life went out of her while I held

her in my arms…it was a horror that kept

haunting me every day and every night. I killed

the woman that had taken care of me…you

think I wanted it….?”

Michael was quiet.

“Now he has all the video recording of my Red

Test on the microchip embedded in his Tag…if

Shelby gets her hand on the tag….and she finds

a way to use it, she will find out the truth. This

is what he has been using against me to make

me do his will, this is why I can’t leave or run.”

Michael sighed.

“This is so fucked up man. You are in a deep

shit. He has you in his grip. This is why we need

to get rid of the group.”

Fabian scoffed. “You are so naïve. Dark widow

is not a group. It is a network of assassin and

occult all over Africa and some parts of the

world. See it as the African Illuminati. They

control everything, even the air. If you get rid of

one branch, others will grow, you have to get rid

of them from the top.”

Michael was feeling uneasy and dipping his hand

in his pocket, he brought out his inhaler but

Fabian stopped him.

“If you inhale that thing, you are so dead.”

Immediately, Michael dropped the inhaler,

looking at him wide-eyed.

“So why are you telling me all these? Is it

because you can kill me at anytime knowing the

information will die with me?”

Fabian smiled. “No, I’m telling you so you can

help me, and if you can help me I will save your


“really? How?”

““Like I said, Dark Widow is everywhere. I am

not here to kill you, I am only here to confirm

your death. You see that inhaler, Dark Widow

got it switched so if you inhale it, you will suffer

heart attack and you will die. Here, take this.”

He removed his shoe and inserted a finger into

his socks to bring out a little inhaler which

looked almost identical to the one on the table

which he later took and put in his brief case.

“I want you to live so you can help me keep

Shelby alive and away from Dark Widow.”

“But, how, won’t they realize that I’m not dead?’

“No, I am very good at what I do. When you

inhale that thing, your heart will cease for just

the time needed to confirm your death and

taken to the mortuary.


. In the seventh hour, you will wake up and be

ready to run for your life. When I need you, I will

find you. Don’t bother to look for me. I need you

to make sure Shelby falls inlove with you once

its time, I need you two to be happy and to be


Michael sighed again and nodded. “Thanks

man. So I will finally get the girl.” He added with

a grin. “Who would have thought you would hand

her to me willingly.”

Fabian smiled painfully. “My hands are covered

with blood already and she doesn’t deserve a

monster like me. Both of you are good people,

you deserve each other”. Fabian continued.“So

anyone you trust that you can call, call them so

they can help you with the plan.”

“Okay. But are you sure this won’t put you into

trouble with the boss?”

Just as Fabian wanted to respond, his phone

vibrated and he took it out from the opened

briefcase, it was the boss.

‘Hello sir.”

Michael watched as Fabian’s face became more

hardened, his lips barely moving, there was

sadness to his eyes….

The call ended and he looked at Michael..

“What is it Fabian?”

“Shelby has the tag.”