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The Dark Widow Episode 6 by Jimmy Swagger

He climbed out of the car and walked along the

beautiful road of Paris. The roads in the city

seemed to have been built in the days of wealth

and grandeur. They were quite wide enough for

several lanes of cars in each direction. They

were flat and glossy black with no pot holes.

They were not filled with the street vendors,

the drug pushers and the customers who haggle

over every last dime.

He checked himself in the glassy-door of a

clothing store beside the road. He looked like a

banker, the exact image he was trying to create-

black suits and a wine-colored tie, plus a

wedding ring on his fourth finger to portray he

was married-bankers usually believe all married

men are responsible, well, supposed to be

responsible . His fake moustache was well

sharpened and brushed out, concealing the

curve of his lips and giving him a forty and

above look.

His target was Michael Johnson who was

currently living under the name of Daniel

Douglas. He was a former Dark Widow who ran

away on his first Red Test when he was asked

to kill his father. The Red Test was like a final

exam when you are being recruited, you would

need to do something so formidable, once you

are capable of doing it, you will finally become

an agent but if you fail-well, let’s just say you

must not fail. How he had been recruited or why

he was chosen was unknown to Fabian


. They were recruited together and were best of

friends. They always had each other’s back and

even though he, Fabian had passed painfully,

Michael had failed, instead he let his father

escape but the father was later found and later

killed by one of them. From then, Michael had

been on the run until he was just found.

Anyways, he crossed to the side of the road and

stood in front of the Latin Quarter Bank, one of

the biggest banks in the country. Before he got

inside, he pressed the side of his wristwatch to

activate his GPRS. Every mission like this must

be done as if it would be the last, anything

could happen and one way to not be stupid was

for the team to know where he died, even if they

cannot find him alive, they could find his corpse.

Taking a deep breath, he walked into the bank.

The atmosphere in the bank was noiselessly

busy. It was a very large room with people all

suited at their corners, picking calls, counting

money and recording stuff. He sighted about

four security cameras alongside about ten

security men standing at their posts and not

looking friendly at all.

He would still need to be scanned before he

went further inside. A security man approached

him with a scanner in his hand. He first of all

handed him his briefcase, which he opened and

which was containing several fake documents

which the man wouldn’t know since he was

looking for anything metallic.

Later the man scanned him from head to toe

with a scanner, opened his suit as he brought

the scanner closer to scan his cloths, there was

a beep sound and he flashed him his wristwatch.

“You have to drop the watch.” He said coldly.

“Fine by me, but I will love to take my ring, my

wife died and wearing this ring makes me feel

she is close to me.”

The man’s hardened face softened a little bit.

“No problem.” He said with a smile. “Sorry about

your wife, Mr…”

“Mr Jack. Thank you. Are you married?”

The man smiled, showing his teeth. “Yes, fifteen

years.” He replied proudly. “We’ve got three


“Wow! You must be really proud. Can I go


“Certainly Mr Jack, have a good day sir.”

Fabian smiled to show his gratitude and

proceeded with his briefcase, his ring and his

wristwatch, he had played on the man’s emotion

and had got him distracted from taking his

wristwatch from him. That always worked all the


He worked directly to one of the men busy

working on a computer.


“Evening sir.”

“Please I seek Mr. Daniel Douglas.”

“Okay, please hold on, what’s your name?”

“Mr. Jack. He is expecting me.”

The man picked up the telephone, spoke some

words in French and then looked up.

“He is waiting for you, just go straight right into

that room.”

He smiled and headed towards the room that he

had been ordered. He hadn’t bothered to knock,

he just opened the door and closed it quietly

behind him.

“Hello Danny, or should I say Micky?”

The young man starred him in fright. He gasped

as he realized who he was.

“Don’t come any closer Fabian…” He shouted.

Holding a gun at him, his hands were shaking

and even as the room was freezing, he was


Fabian smiled. “Ain’t you going to offer me a

seat or France hasn’t taught you any bit of


Michael was not convinced, he still held the gun

at him. “Look, there are many security men

around and there are cameras in here watching

everything that is happening….”

“Sh!! You still talk too much Micky. Have you

forgotten all you were taught?” Fabian asked,

flashing him his ring…the ring was wired with

Titanium, so powerful and programmed to render

any security camera useless. “ I’m sure all your

security men are trying to find out what is

wrong with the CCTV and they will be less

concerned about their….what is your post


Michael looked defeated and still held the gun.

He was covered in sweat and then went on his


“Please man. Why are you trying to kill me? He

was my father and you eventually killed him at

least one of you did. I am not a Dark widow, I

don’t want to be one. I have not even told

anyone about you guys, I swear I wouldn’t tell

anyone anything. Please help me, save me


Fabian sighed, stood up and moved to the

refrigerator in the office.

“You are pleading and pointing a gun at me, you

are still this stupid.” He brought out two cans of

beer and tossed him one.

“Sit, let’s talk and put away that goddamn gun!”


Some minutes later, they were both laughing and


“You know when we were training for the

mountain climb, you remember how peter

farted?” Fabian asked, laughing.

“Oh yea…it was loud it tore it trousers at the

bottom..” He replied, throwing her head back

and vibrating.

“So where is he now?” Michael later asked after

they had both calmed down.

“Oh! Rotting away in the grave.” Fabian replied.

They were both quiet again.

“What about Shelby? Has she finally been


Fabian was quite as his expressions changed.

Michael was the only one that knew about his

interest in Shelby and how close they were.

“Not yet.” He replied quietly.

“Are you still trying to prevent her from joining

all this while?”

“I have to Michael, I need to.”

“That was why you asked her to tell her father

to take her to that school right?”

‘Yes, so that maybe she will forget about me and

find a man and decide she doesn’t want to

come home again but she is back.

. I don’t know what else to do.”

Michael smiled. “I have always been jealous of

what the both of you shared. All those stories

you told me about her…i never knew her and I

just liked her.”

“Yea, she is a good person.”

‘Are you both in a relationship now or you are

still acting like kids?”

“I can’t be with her Micky…”

“Why not?”

Fabian stood up, unable to control his emotions.

His eyes were red already. “I have a secret that

I am keeping away from her that if she knows,

she will hate me forever and she might never

forgive me. This is why I am trying to keep her

away from Dark Widow so that she will never

find out and so that she won’t have to do

something so grave like that.”

Micky frowned, “I doubt that. She loves you too

much. What could you have possibly done?”

He swallowed and turned his back to him. “ You

never asked me what my Red test was.”

Micky stood up. “Yea, I know you passed….who

did you kill Fabian….”

Fabian took a deep breath. “I ….killed Nana, our