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The Dark Widow Episode 3 By Jimmy Swagger

Shelby and her father were in the study. Her

father was busy reading from a newspaper while

she was reading a novel, she wasn’t actually

reading anything, she was just pretending all the

while . Her mind was somewhere else, seven

years ago, she would have been chasing Fabian

up and down the house but now, they were all

grown up and it would be so stupid of her to

even suggest that. The man she has come back

to find has become a grown man, just like she

has become a lady, something’s would just be

too childish right now.

“Once you finish pretending to be reading that

novel, I hope you will tell me whatever has been

bothering you.”

Shelby smiled and looked up from her seat. “You

know me so well dad.”

“Ofcourse, if I don’t, who will?”

She smiled. She loved her father, he could be so

caring and he was one person in the world, who

knew almost everything about her, well, there

was Fabian as well, but he was just not her

Fabian anymore.

“Dad, is there any reason why you told me not

look for job at all?”

His father smiled. “Yes darling, as you know,

there is the family business.”

Her eyes beamed with excitement


. She had always been interested in the family

business even though all her life she never could

tell what kind of business her family was into. It

wasn’t her fault. She had lived majorly all her

life away from home at various boarding houses

of her various schools and she had gone to the

best of them in Russia, Paris and UK. It was a

relief that she could finally come home.

“Thank God! Dad, I’ve always loved the family

business…I mean, I’ve always been interested in

it even though I never knew what we were into

actually. Do you know half the time I was in

school, almost everyone asked me what

business my father was doing and it was just an

embarrassment that I had no clue.”

Her father chuckled. “Well, you don’t have to

worry about anything. I have sent you all over

the world to get the best education and now

that you are here, I believe you wil be a good

asset to the company once I retire.”

“Oh my God! You want me to take over the

business once you retire. That will be really

splendid. But what kind of business is it again?”

“Don’t worry, Fabian will tell you all about it.”


Fabian lay on his bed, his arm wrapped around

the bossom of the naked lady beside him in the


“So your childhood crush is back right?” she said

with a hint of jealousy.

“She is my not my crush, she is the boss’s

daughter, that’s all.”

The lady looked unconvinced, gathering the

blanket to herself. “You can keep telling yourself

that. One question though, is she really going to

take over the business?”

“That is not your concern is it?” He asked dryly,

standing from the bed. He walked completely

naked to the mirror.

The lady raised her head slightly. “It is my

business if she is going to be here completely,

because I know once she is around, that is when

you start acting funny like now.”

Fabian snickered. “Well, if you are so concerned,

why don’t you go ask the boss, Laura?” Just

before Laura responded, his phone rang. It was

just beside her so she took it, screwed up her

nose in disgust as she saw who the caller was.

“Speaking of the bitch.” She said before passing

him the phone.

Fabian paid no attention to her statement but

collected the phone all the same, it was Shelby

and for some reason, he picked a shirt to cover

his nakedness even though he had no reason to.

HE cleared his throat. “Hi…” He frowned.

“Ofcourse I have your number……” He cleared

his throat again. “You are here, okay, I will be

right out.” Then he dropped the phone on the

bed and motioned towards his big closet.

“What does she want?” Lara asked angrily but he

said nothing. Minutes later, he was fully clothed.

“Don’t come out like this, if you are coming out,

make sure you are dressed. “

“Because of what? You don’t want her to know

that you moved on?”

Fabian said nothing before leaving the door, he

had wanted to say something but now wasn’t

the time.

He took the elevator which shifted immediately

under him and in seconds later it opened and he

stepped out.

She was in the living room, her back was turned

towards him, she was dressed in a white

jumpsuit and her hair was packed in a ponytail.

She seemed to be looking at one of the

artworks on the wall.

“Hi shel.” He said as warmly as he could. When

she sprung around, he had to keep himself


“Hi.” She said with a warm smile and he had no

choice but to manage one.

“Hi.” He replied.

For a while neither of them spoke.

Fabian had to be sure he wasn’t going to do

anything that would put him on the bad side of

her father. For her to be here right now might

even be a test…

“You have actually did so well for yourself

Fabian. I mean look at this house. This is really

good. Your parents will be so proud.”

He smiled. “Thanks Shel, your father pays me

quiet well. Come to the bar, what do I offer


She didn’t move but kept looking at him sternly.

“I will like you to offer me my old friend back.”

He was taken aback. “What are you saying?”

She shook her head and moved to another of

the art painting on the wall.

“I mean what you did to the Fabian that I used

to know. IS it because you became a man that

you sank into this cold version of yourself, what

happened to my old fun Fabian?’

“I’m sorry Shelby…” He started with a slight bow

but she sprang up and rushed to him, punching

him here and there.

“This is so not you. You are making things

awkward between us; I need the old Fabian


For some time, he kept defending himself but at

a point he grabbed both her hands so they were

both looking at each other….

That moment was when he finally realized how

much of a woman she had become, Her eyes,

her hair, she had a kind of understated beauty,

maybe she wasn’t even aware of her

beauty…then his eyes fell on her chest….what

happened to that flat chest of those years ago.

Where did those boobs spring from…..?

That instant she looked at her chest and then

back at him….

“You didn’t just look at my boobs Fabian….” She

gasped in horror and he released her arms

immeadiately. He was looking slightly

embarrassed and murmured his apologies but

she only laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” He demanded, looking

at her but she couldn’t stop, she just kept on

laughing and then he had no choice but to laugh

as well.


. during this moment he began to feel sorry for

her. How would such a passionate fun loving

woman whom he has cared for all his life, be

introduced to the life he had wished he had

never been part of.

Finally she stopped, he could see tears in her

eyes from having laughed too much.

“I have missed you Fabian…really.” She said,

looking at him.

He knew he was supposed to say something

back but he couldn’t. His tongue was tied, for all

he cared, her father must be watching them

both right now.

She walked closer to him, her expression

becoming serious…”What happened to you while

I was gone Fabian….?” She asked, almost in a

whisper..he wished he could tell her everything

but he couldn’t..if he did right now, they will

both suffer for it..she had no idea what he had

gone through, why he had to become so rigid


He just watched as she got closer to

him..placing a warm hand on his cheek as she

stared at him, looking for answers.

His heart was beating so fast and he really

wanted to tell her just like he had told her so

many things while they were still young. He

made a terrible mistake, they both did, they

shouldn’t have grown up. They could have been

kids forever…maybe with that they could still

enjoy the freedom which was now fast becoming

a thing of the past….

Taking a deep breath and placing a hand firmly

on hers. “Shelby..I”

“Fabian did you see my panties anywhere?”

HE winced as he heard Laura’s voice and

immediately, Shelby sprung back, looking at the

intruder, who was wearing Fabin’s oversized

shirt which was buttoned up and covering part

of bum.

Fabian was quiet as Laura came closer. He

couldn’t even look at Shelby whose face sought


“Hi. You must be Shelby….I’m Laura. I’m his