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The Dark Widow EPISODE 2 by Jimmy Swagger

Many years back….


Shelby sat down by the garden, she had a pair

of headphones tucked into her ear and was

busy playing some beautiful tunes to herself.

Every second she would look up as if expecting

someone to appear all of a sudden but so far no

one has come. The compound of her father’s

empire was pretty large and so was the garden.

It could accommodate like fifteen more houses.

Sometimes she wondered why her father would

build such a large house when it was just the

two of them in the house except for the


She never knew her mother but that was okay

by her, her father made sure she was fine and

she was always fine . She had just graduated

from one of the best universities in the UK and

she was finally home. It was so good to be back

after so many years. She was yet to see her

father since two days ago since she had been

back, she was yet to see well.

She quickly dipped a hand into her purse and

brought out her hand mirror, she checked her

reflection for the hundredth time that afternoon.

Her lips were glossy already and her long black

hair was well packed.

Just then, she heard a noise behind her and she


“It’s about time Fabian, I expected you would

come meet me at the airport and now here you

are two days later.”

There was no reply. She looked disappointed.

Probably it was just her imagination, and she

quickly turned around but she smiled as it was

who she had expected.

Fabian was all dressed up in a hite shirt and a

blue jean, his curled black hair glistened in the

sunlight. He looked far more muscular than the

last time, like a seasoned warrior


. She remembered how they had grew up and

were so close and…

“Hi.” He said almost in a whisper.

“Hi.” She replied. She was excited quiet alright

to see him but this has always been their normal

routine since they both stopped being children..

He was her father’s most loyal son.

“So how was school?” He asked, trying to sound

as cool as he could.

“Fine.” She replied, trying not to sound

awkward. Many years ago, they could discuss

anything but now, it was just so awkward. Just

then he stepped forward, coming closer. Her

heart ceased for a minute as he stepped closer,

his gaze fixed steadily on her lips…her heart

kept beating rapidly…finally, he was going to

kiss her….he came closer and just as she

parted her lips…his hands reached out to her


“You’ve got some grass in your hair.” He said

quietly, brushing her hair lightly and stepping


The beat of her heart began to slow down as

she felt so stupid and ashamed of her stupid


You are 23 Shelby, grow up!

The garden gate opened stealthily and an elderly

man with a cowboy-ish hat covering his almost-

completely gray hair came in. He was suited up

with a large pair of his glasses covering almost

his entire face, there was a long piece of

tobacco hanging inbetween his lips. His face

hardened as he spotted the two of them

standing so close. Fabian took this hint and

stepped back a little.

“Daddy!” Shelby shouted and rushed to hug the

man who was now all smiles.

“Oh my God! Look at this beautiful young lady.”

He shouted, kissing Shelby all over her face.

Later they pulled away but he was slightly bent

so they could be of the same height.

“Oh my darling. You look so much like your

mother. I am so proud of you darling.”

Shelby smiled shyly but frowned as she spotted

something red around his earlobe. She reached

out to clean it and was surprised it was a liquid

thick red substance.

‘Daddy look, you’ve been beaten by a mosquito,

it sucked all your blood and vomited the rest.”

She said with a chuckled. “You have such a lot

of blood to spare.”

Fabian and the father exchanged glances before

he forced another smile.

“So, why don’t you go inside darling, I will come

meet you very soon.”

“Alright Dad.” Shelby said quickly, took a quick

glance at Fabian who wasn’t looking at their

side. Quickly she brushed past her father.


Just as she left, the father advanced to Fabian.

“I saw the way you both were standing so close

earlier…” He whispered to him, his face

hardening. “I don’t like that. Once you become

her handler it will become difficult for you if you

can’t handle whatever stupid feeling you have

for her.” He exhaled a ringlet of smoke directly

to his bent head.

“ I don’t have any…”

“Shut up. You can’t lie to me you know that.

Besides, do you think she is ready to take over

the business?”

Fabian looked up slightly. “ I don’t think so sir.”

“Nonsense. Get the lessons ready, I will speak

to her tonight and next time when cleaning me

up, make sure there is no blood on my skin. You

get that!”

“Yes boss.”Fabian watched as his boss walked

out of the garden. He sighed and was about to

leave when he sighted something within the



. He bent to pick it up and realized it was a

passport photograph of himself and Shelby when

they were still kids. They were both holding her

puppy of many years ago who later died from an


He smiled as he looked at her and now

imagining the woman she has become. If only

things were different, maybe he would have

asked her out a long time ago. But now things

would start changing once she joins the

business. He sighed, if only he could protect her

longer, maybe she wouldn’t need to be part of

whatever they do. She was too sweet to become

a member of the Dark Widow. Once anyone

joins, the person will never remain the same

again, he knew that. That was what changed

everything about him.