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The Dark Widow Episode 19 by Jimmy Swagger

Why are you not telling me the truth Laura?”

“Why should I Fabian? You always knew

everything, so if you don’t that means the boss

doesn’t trust you anymore and that is your

problem, not mine.” She retorted.

Fabian stood up. Five years later and his life

was still being pushed around by the bloody

group. He was getting tired . He had spent the

last five years trying to undo the damage the

Dark Widow has been doing, without

incriminating himself but it wasn’t working like

he had wanted. He didn’t have the ruby and the

more he tried to find it, the harder it became.

The boss as for a while stopped the search for

his daughter and he knew that , that must be a

sign of badluck. Boss doesn’t grow quiet unless

he has accomplished his aim. Now, he just

learnt that Laura and some men went for an op

in the UK and he didn’t even know anything

about it. It was really so strange.

“I just want to know Laura.”

“Then go ask the boss. Stop disturbing me

man!” She replied sharply before leaving his


They were at the facility. He knew that

something was off. Laura and the boss, getting

close, having secret meetings, he knew he was

losing his rep and this was bound to affect him

in every way. He was still the head of operation

(op) and nothing goes behind him

except….except anything personal to the boss.

He had tried not to find Michael or Shelby as he

had promised but now, for the past one month,

he had been doing nothing but to try and find



. He had been having some strange dreams and

his mind was not at rest.

If boss keeps keeping him in the loop, that

would mean , he was trying to get rid of him and

Nana had said that they needed allies. Been a

while, he went to see her actually, maybe he

could go tonight.

His desk phone rang and he picked it.


“You are needed upstairs.”


* *

The elevator chimed and he stepped out into the

living room of the mansion. The boss was

behind his computer.

“You sent for me boss?”

“Yea. I heard you have been bugging Laura

about the UK op right?”

Fabian gasped. Laura was really something else

but he needed to act right. “Yes boss I just

thought it was not right as the head of op for

me not to know what is going on. It has never

happened before.”

“Well..” The man continued, typing on his

keyboard. “We found Shelby.”

Fabian’s heart did a double flip. Oh God! Oh no

no !

“You did?”

“Yep and someone finally did the job you have

been finding too difficult to do all this while.


. To switch a common inhaler Fabian, you

couldn’t! You have really gone way out of your

head thinking you can sabotage my business!”

“I was only doing it to save your daughter sir. I

thought she deserved better than you are giving

her.” He stated grimly.

The man stood up.

“You know, the only reason why I am keeping

you alive is because I think you have something

that I might need in the future, if not, I would

have wasted you a long time ago. I am giving

you another chance with Shelby.”

“Wait, you are not going to kill me?”

He shook his head.

“No. But you are no longer the head of op.”

Fabian nodded. He knew this would happen,

Laura would become the head. “So who is?”

“She is.” The man replied, turning his laptop to

around so that Fabian could see.

Fabian’s heart sank as he saw Shelby in their

computer lab, there were several wires being

passed into her skin, her eyes were closed. His

heart was pounding against his chest as he

watched her. Five years later she was as

beautiful as ever and five years later, he had

failed to save her.

“What are they doing to her?” Fabian asked,

clutching the screen with his hands.

“They are preparing her to be what I want her to

be. Everything she has ever known would be

wiped out and she would be filled with

something new, deadly, dangerous and powerful.

She would be finally be a Dark Widow!”

“Please, don’t do this! I will do anything you

want me to be! Please!” Fabian pleaded, his

shirt was soaked in his own sweat.

Just then the father’s phone rang, he put it to

loudspeaker, it was from the lab.

“Boss, there is a problem.”

‘What problem?”

“There is something in her blood stream and….”

“What’s that?”

“Something like a ruby…sort of, might be a bug

or something it’s inteferring with everything we

are doing.”

Fabian’s eyes got widened. The ruby..the ruby

was in her blood!

“Remove it and …bring it to me.” HE ordered

Fabian’s heart was pounding so fast, he needed

to get to Nana fast.

“Fabian you can go, I will let you know when you

are needed ?