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The Dark Widow Episode 18 by Jimmy Swagger

 Everything I just told you now, I know they

probably won’t make any sense but believe me

when I say that , Fabian was just looking out for


She was quiet, only looking at the crazy man who

had kidnapped her and who had just told her the

most incredible story of her life.

“So, you were meant to erase my memory and lie

to me? That was what Fabian asked you to do to

me? After killing Nana?”

He sighed. “Look, I know it may seem difficult


“Just answer me!”

He took a deep breath and nodded slightly.

She smiled painfully . She was right, Fabian had

gone crazy and had become someone else


“Please, he did this for your own good, your


“Don’t talk about my father. You don’t know me,

you don’t know my father and I don’t know you.

As far as I’m concerned, you kidnapped me and


“Look, if I wanted to kill you, I would have…but


“He is dead to me. Okay stop mentioning his


Michael stood up and did something on the

laptop on the bed


. “ Please, for your own good, I need you to watch

this video.” He said, eyes pleading and the

muscles of her face tightened as she saw Fabian.

His eyes looked bloodshot as he stared back at


“Hi Shelby, if you are seeing this, that means

whatever I and Michael planned failed and that

means I had told you the one secret that kept

haunting me day and night and this the death of

Nana. Believe me, it wasn’t my desire to kill the

woman that raised us but your father made me do

it. Your father is the culprit. You have no idea

what he is capable of, Michael was his recruit as

well but he escaped when he was asked to kill his

father, I wasn’t giving any heads-up as regards the

shooting, I swear I wouldn’t have done it. I don’t

know if you would forgive me or if you would

believe me I need you to be safe and I am doing

the best I can. Please don’t hate me, one day you

would understand why I am doing this. Trust

Michael, he will keep you safe. I stole the tag you

stole from your father. I am sorry but it’s for your

own good. Rigth now, I am going to play its

content for you so that you can believe me.” After

this, there was a smaller screen beside him, he

did somethings and suddenly it started playing-

first, it showed her everything that took place on

the night that Nana was killed and then the picture

became unclear just as Fabian advanced to stop it.

He looked surprised and then left it to see what

was on it. and the video seemed to be slightly

bent as if someone was recording when they

weren’t supposed to. She saw the sky at first, then

a large buiilding that looked like a training ground,

and finally her father’s face. as he announced. “

Gentlemen, I am happy to announce that we

have Our latest recruit Fabian Dominic, has just

passed his red test by killing somoene who meant

the world to him, that means he is ready for this

and he should serve as a role model for all of you.

if you are in, you are in, and if you are out, you are

dead. We are still on the lookout for Michael, the

coward who ran, trust me, there is no room for

coward in here or out there, this is why we are

going to give him time to settle down first before

we finally kill him..Next is …” Then the video

stopped and Fabian’s face came into view again.

He looked surprised “I had thought that it was my

Red Test of where I killed Nana, but apparently,

contained more, i had to copy this while i stole it

from you and i am happy i did. I hope you believe

me now. You can start a new life with michael, he

will keep you safe.”

Shelby sighed loudly as she saw what she just

saw. All her life, she had been living with killers

and her father was the head…that means Laura

and Fabian were his puppets. she shut her eyes

and quivered as the realisation hit her. She pursed

her lips, unable to think, she felt cold

immeadiately in her bloodstream.

“I am sorry Shelby.”

She said nothing.

* *

5 years later

When she finally opened her eyes, she was

surrounded by white walls. Her body was

shaking, entirely corrupted by the liquid

adrenaline and medical drugs. Her legs were

hugged to her chest as she lay hurdled in the


How long had she been like this? She wondered.

Pain raced up and down her body like electricity

being pushed into a telephone wire….she kept

remembering what she had just experienced. Her

daughter, her husband….

Her breathing were like glass shards in her long-

this was just too much for her….

“Hello Shelby, are you okay?”’

She turned slightly to the voice that spoke

behind her. It was Peter, Michael’s brother,

Nicholas must have contacted him, Nick was

their only friend.

“How are you doing?” He asked.

She was quiet. Only looking at him.

Peter brought out an handky and wiped his face.


“They are gone Peter.” She said weakly.

Peter was confused. “I know, it’s tragic. The

doctor said it was an heart attack and your baby

swallowed something…”

“An heart attack?”

He nodded. “Yes, the detective said the inhaler

he used was sort of corrupted…”

She frowned. “Corrupted? He didn’t even use his

inhaler at all, he didn’t take it from home.”

Peter frowned. “No, a blue colored inhaler was

found in his car and it was found out that he

used it before he was stopped.”

Shelby shut her eyes. Everything Michael told

her was true….someone had intercepted the

inhaler just as Fabian was supposed to do for

him to kill him years back. That meant her

father had already found out where she was.

She and Michael have been moving constantly.

They kept on moving every five months then

every year until she got tired and oneday, they

both got drunk, she was sad angry and

frustrated about everything, to make her happy,

he had embraced her and somehow they were

able to have sex just that night until she

discovered she was pregnant.

“I promise you, I will take care of you and the



. No one will hurt us.” Michael had said.

That was how they became a family and

Tracy’s arrival had given them both hope and a

reason to stay together. Michael took care of

her, stayed with her, even during multiple times

when she had run away from home, he kept

bringing her back, telling her how Dark Widow

was deadly and now, they finally got them

because she was tired of running and she

thought , they must have stopped looking for

them. She wanted to be at peace especially

now that they had a baby, she thought they

needed it. How wrong was she!

Peter handed a disk player and inserted a


“What is this for?” She asked.

“He gave me that the night you had Tracey, he

said if anything happens to him, I should play it

for you.”

With shaking hands, she hit the ‘play’ button and

his face came into view.

“Hello Shelby, I will make this fast. If you are

seeing this, that means I am dead and I and

Fabian were not able to protect you. Right now,

you can’t trust anyone except Peter. You need

to keep yourself safe because I can’t do that

anymore. Your father apparently got me and if

you are seeing this, it is a good thing, that

means you are alive and I want it to be that

way. I have loved you ever since Fabian told me

about you and I really hope you get to forgive

him for what he did, he was only looking out for

you and he didn’t kill Nana on purpose, he was

tricked. Please, be fine and do take care of

yourself and my beautiful princess. The disc will

self destruct in 4, 3, 2, 1…”

Immediately, smoke emitted from the player and

she had to put it away.

“So, where would you like to go Shelby, I don’t

understand what is happening and I really don’t

want to know, he said it was best like that but

now, it is my responsibility to keep you safe…”

“No more running….” She said.

Peter thought he heard wrongly. “What do you


“It means, my daddy did this to get my attention,

so right now, I am going to back to my daddy