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The Dark Widow Episode 17 by Jimmy Swagger

You this silly boy. What were you doing trying to

scare me like that?”

Fabian laughed and sat beside Nana while

resting his head on her shoulder. “What are you


“Take away that bushy hair from me. You need

a hair cut.” The old woman said, trying to ease

off her shoulders but Fabian was stubborn, they

both laughed and she just caressed his head


“Just something about the murder of one of the

UN officials.” She replied.

“I guess Laura did her job well.”

Suddenly the woman stared at him. “You mean

this is Dark Widow’s work?”

“Yep.” He replied.

“Why did you have to let her kill an innocent

man Fabian, I thought you are planning to undo

everything Dark Widow has ever done.”

“Yes Nana but he was part of Dark Widow, he

actually orchestrated the whole bombing that

occurred in the Middle East last month.”

“So, why kill him if he’s part of them then?”

“He pissed someone off . Someone more

powerful in Dark Widow so there was an order

for his death.”

Nana shook her head regrettably. “How about

Shelby? Where is she?”

Fabian took Nana’s hand and kissed it


. “Nana she is safe and fine, I just spoke with

Michael hours ago.”

“I told you not to let her get away Fabian.”

“Nana, that was the only thing I could think of

to protect her. You know that.” He said, putting

his arm around her.

The woman took an hanky from her seat to

clean her eyes. “I l know Fabian, I know. You

are a good son and I am so proud of you.”

Fabian smiled, kissing her on the forehead.

“But now that I did what I did, you know he will

be on the lookout for every of my move, you

won’t be seeing me as often again .”

“I never saw you often before Fabian, do you

remember the last time I saw you? That was like

two months ago.”

“Yes nana and for both our safety , it will


The woman wanted to start sobbing. “Don’t do

that Nana, you are over sixty years old, you are

too old to be wasting tears.”

The woman hit him on the head. “So what plan

do you have? Have you discovered the Ruby

program that I told you about?”

“No nana, I haven’t even started looking.”

“You need to start looking into it if you ever

want to ruin the group.”

“I still don’t understand anything about it Nana.”

“Okay, I will break it down for you. You see, right

before you or Shelby were born. Then Dark

Widow was just a little group found by Shelby’s

mother to help orphans and fight for women

right. You see, it was a time when we lived

under a bad governance and terrorism was high.

Rita was an activist, she believed in service for

humanity. She helped so many people,

especially those that suffered terrorist attack.

Those that needed to go for surgeries and those

that needed houses, she took care of these. We

were very close so I knew most of these things.

She became quite popular until one day when

she got a message to help kill someone in the

political government, she wasn’t a murderer, all

she sought for was justice. The person who sent

her this message promised a large amount of

money which she turned down. This infuriated

her husband who got the job and carried out the

act. I think this was when things got sour in

their relationship. John wanted to kill people

that deserved it but she wanted justice for

them. I was just a cleaner and then they were

not all that rich. Before, Dark Widow was all

about helping people but all of a sudden things

just changed, I don’t even know how John did it,

one day he held a meeting when his wife was

not around, with some white men, I think that

was when the partnership began. Before Rita

knew, it was too late. She was no longer in

control of Dark Widow. It broke her heart that

her husband sold her project to white men, she

wanted to put an end to it but Dark Widow with

the partnership became larger until it became a

giant secret service of assassins with its roots

so deep.

Rita couldn’t do anything and she decided to join

her husband in this deadly service. She had just

one plan in mind, to understand how they work

and use it to get rid of them. I warned her of

how deadly this was but she didn’t care. She

was afraid of her husband so she had to

pretend. She requested to be put in charge of

the operations and surveillance so it granted her

access to the top secrets of the group. All she

learned, she uploaded somewhere in a disc. All

this time, she was pregnant. A night before she

died, she told me she was afraid of the

information getting into the wrong hands. She

promised to make it a project called Ruby.

Unknown to all except her, and myself, anyone

who holds this ruby would have every detail

needed to take down the Dark Widow. “

Fabian let out a huge sigh. “So what is this

Ruby thing?”

The old woman shrugged. “I don’t know. That

night, she got into a fight with John and I had

no idea why, the next day, she went into a

premature labour and she has been really sick

since then. The only people she confided in were

your parents who were also into operations…”

Fabian blinked. “Wait, my parents were Dark


Nana smiled. “Not really, they worked together

with Rita when Dark Widow was still good. I

think somehow, she convinced them that they

could change things when the time was right. So

I am sure that they must have known about the


“Why didn’t you tell me all these Nana?”

“Well, my son, I had to be sure that you are a

good person like your parents. I had to be sure

that you knew what you were doing. You proved

that to me by taking me far away from that


Fabian smiled. “You made it easy for me Nana.

How did you know that you were going to be my

Red Test?”

Nana smiled. “Well, I didn’t know. But Rita had

told me so much and she made me realize that

one day, Dark Widow might request for my death

even though I was quite irrelevant. She made

sure that all my clothes were bullet proof and

that was what saved me that night. Apart from

this, she had built this place in case I ever

needed to hide, There was no way I could have

survived if not for that. If you hadn’t run away

with me and lied that you went to bury me

within those four days, they would have found

out the truth. You are good person Fabian, you

lied for me, you put your life in jeopardy , you

forsake the love that you have craved eversince

your childhood, just to keep us all safe. I am so

proud of you.”

Fabian sighed. “I had to do these Nana and I am

glad that everything worked out but, my parents.

Are you saying that, Dark Widow must have

been involved in the death of my parents and

Shelby’s mom?”

Nana nodded. “Yes, that is what I’m saying

because they all died the same day in a bomb

blast that occurred in that house, before they

built this new mansion with the underground


Fabian leaned back as he couldn’t believe his

ears. All these years, he had thought that his

parents died in a car accident and that Shelby’s

mum died during labour.

“It wasn’t easy to stay in that house with

everything going on, but I had to, I had to raise

you right and I am so happy that I did.”

“So now, we can only use Ruby to get rid of the

Dark Widow.”



“ So, what remains is to find out what project

Ruby is before they do?”

Nana nodded. “It was a CD initially but she

uploaded it into something else, something really

tiny, i don’t understand this whole technology

thing but it is really a tiny thing which with

proper machines would reveal everything the

Dark Widow is capable of, everything they have

ever done, how they came to be and the one

way they could be gotten rid of.”

Fabian sighed. “So what is this Ruby then?”

Nana nodded. “No, my son, the question is,

where is the Ruby?.”

* * **

Michael kept pacing up and down in the room.

He glanced at the meter which was reading her

blood flow and blood pressure, it was showing

green instead of red. This wasn’t supposed to

happen. If the morphine had worked, it would

have shown green but now, it was still Red. This

could mean only one thing, that all his efforts

had proven futile. She would still remember

everything that she needed to forget.

He saw her stir, about to wake up, so he quickly

shot her another dose of anesthesia to make

her sleep and she slept on.

He needed to find out what was wrong and he

couldn’t even call Fabian. All the links they used

to communicate had been broken. That meant,

he was on his own.

Fabian had warned him not trust anyone or

bring any attention to themselves until probably

a year later after they had settled down but he

could at least trust his brother. He was a doctor

who had helped him escape the morgue and

who had also helped him secure apartments in

the UK. He only told him that people who killed

their father was after his life and he needed his


Minutes later, the door opened and he walked in.

“Peter. Please did you find out anything?” He


Peter nodded. “Yes brother. The most strangest

thing I have ever seen in my years of medical



. That morphine would never work for her, even

the strongest morphine would not alter anything

in her DNA because it has already been fortified

against external threats like this.”

“What does that mean, simple lame man English


“I mean that, no matter what you do to her, she

will remember everything you don’t want her to

remember. Whatever thing you are planning, you

need to let it go and tell her the truth. You

cannot touch her, nothing would happen to her.

It’s like she was reprogrammed from birth to

fight anything that may pose as a threat to her

wellbeing. I carried out a scan and i found

something in her blood which is quite rare. if

that thing is not taken out of her, nothing you do

to her would work and taking it out of her

rquires a good hospital and at least a month of

being hospitalised.”

“No, that is not an option. WHat if i don’t take it

out? Will she be okay?”

“I don’t understand anything myself but since

you are not willing to share what the hell is

going on , I think I can take my leave back to


“So you mean, when she wakes up now, she

would want to know why she fainted in Nigeria

and was awake in UK?”

Peter nodded. “Yes brother, be prepared to tell

the biggest story of your life.”

* *