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The Dark Widow Episode 16 by Jimmy Swagger

Fabian got home and brought out his new

laptop. He typed in some things and he was

redirected to a site. The cursor kept blinking on

the blank page so he stood up, moved his eat

slightly back and walked to his fridge. Opened it,

brought out a can beer. While he opened it, his

phone rang, it was Laura. He let it ring for a

while and then switched off his phone. After

this, he walked to the switch on the wall and put

off the light. The blue light from the laptop

illuminated the room . Then he pulled out the

switch from the wall , there were some buttons

at the back, he punched it and then put it back.

Now, anyone who watched him from the

surveillance camera would think he was lying

in his bed. He walked to the remote control on

the table and pressed some buttons. ‘Its hard to

say goodbye” by Celine Dion began to play in

the background.

There’s something in your eyes that’s far too


Why must it be like this a love without feelin’

Something is wrong with you I know

I see it in your eyes

Believe me when i say

It’s gonna be okay…….

Okay, now, anyone tracking him would think he

was sleeping and if there is an audio tracked

somewhere, the noise would only create a static

disruption…but the message would be clear.

After this, he sat down and began to type in a

morse code.-

13981512, 315135 914(Michael come in)

He punched the ‘send’ button and then waited

for a while , the cursor was still blinking. There

was no reponse…until the cursor started moving

while dropping written digits


. Quickly, he grabbed his pen and paper, wrote

the alphabets in a row and the equivalent digits

at the side to decode the message.

“1985 19165” –(She safe,)

He took in a deep breath and typed what this

means in digits-

“don’t tell me where you are. Give her the


The cursor started moving again-

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I don’t want her to remember anything

about me or her family. You both will start a

family together. Get the photoshop done on time

and you better make your story perfect about

your one year relationship”

“Okay dude. I have a doctor for that ”

“I want you to never contact me except there is

a problem. Do you understand?”

“Yes F.”

“Did you get all your new documents and

passports ?”


“Okay, goodbye.”

“Thanks man. Stay Alive.”

After this, he slammed the laptop shut gulped

down the remaining drink. He had asked him to

wipe out her memory so she could have a fresh

start, together with him. He was supposed to tell

him that her family members are dead and they

have been in a relationship together for a while.

That the plane crashed and she had survived

except for her memory loss. He had no idea how

that would work but he just hoped that Michael

would do that because, how else was he going

to make her trust him?

He sighed and stood up. He thought of calling

laura but he kicked against the idea, he was

supposed to be in bed. If anything happens in

the future, and she says he picked her call while

camera showed that he was sleeping, then it

would mean that something was on.


. This was perfect like this. Besides, he needed

this set up for another thing. Grabbing his car

keys he left the house.

* *

He checked his time, he had been driving for up

to an hour and it was just some minutes to

midnight. He stopped the car with his torch,

stepped out and locked the doors.

The woodland seems somehow quiet as he

walked except for the weak trees and dead

leaves that creaked at every pressure of his

footsteps. His eyes were adjusting to the

encroaching gloom as everywhere was a hue

darker than they normally were, not even the

moon penetrated the leaves. The air was

becoming cold and everywhere behind him was a

total darkness. He held the coat around his

neck tightly as well as the two guns in his back

pocket and his front pocket. Far in the distance

he could see the blue light, in few seconds more,

he would be there.

He spotted the cottage crunched low in the

woods as if it was trying to hide from peering

eyes however, the misshapen slate roof was too

big to be missed. Through the darkness, he

could see the rough unevenly sharpened grey

stones that made up the walls. As he got closer,

the occasional flash of color penetrated his

eyes, somewhere blue, red and even green. If he

was a threat, they would have given off warning


When he finally got to the front door, he brushed

his hands against it and immediately the door

opened. He stepped in and found her on the

seat, watching the TV. Smiling, he hung his coat

by the chair and kissed her from behind on the


“Hi , Nana, missed me?”

* *