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The Dark Widow Episode 15 by Jimmy Swagger

The elevator chimed and Michael stepped out

into the facility. It was an underground building

below the mansion. Anyone would never have

known that such existed there. The only people

who could get there were people that worked

there and who had no idea that they were being

paid to destroy other people’s lives, instead,

they were made to believe that they were

getting rid of the bad people in the society. A

total brainwash!

Dark widow has facilities everywhere and their

assassins were everywhere as well . They only

get to hold a meeting once in a while , maybe

like once in five years. But people within a

vicinity would always stay close, just as they

were, there.

There were few people on seat, busy working on

their systems and intercoms. Immediately he

approached, the whispering started. These were

people that worked under him for surveillance

and for daily operations. They were not

supposed to be on seat today but they were. It

could mean only one thing, they were looking for

someone under the boss’s order. On the big

screen , he could see the picture of Shelby and

his face tightened. They were all trying to find


He hasn’t contacted Michael, he had told him

that he would be the one to contact him. He

could see movement in the boss’s room via the

opened window, mustering courage he moved

towards the office, opened the door ato face the


He was sitting behind his table, deeply

engrossed in the system infront of him, as

Fabian got in he looked up his face darkening.

“Is there something you need to tell me son?”

“About what?” Fabian growled, faking innocence.

The man exploded out of his chair, brandishing

his fist


. “Don’t you dare toy with me Fabian…where is

my daughter?”

Fabian took a rapid breath. “She is not here and

I don’t know where she is.”

The man banged the table so hard. “I know you

took her to that stupid playground of yours!

Didn’t I tell you times without number not to get

close to her? Are you insane? Now, where is


‘She’s not here and like I said, I don’t know

where she is. But I can tell you that she is safe

from you.”

The man moved out of his seat. ‘What are you

saying? Did she check the tag?”

“No, she didn’t, I took it from her and now she is

gone, far away where you won’t have the

chance to mess up her life like you did mine…”

The blow that landed across his face was so

sudden and he felt blood at the corner of his


“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again!” The

man snarled at him.

Fabian smiled, adjusted his suit. “You can punch

me all you want old man, but know one thing, it

can never cause me any more pain than what

you made me do. You are not a father…” He

snarled at him, baring his teeth. “You are a

monster. You want to turn your own daughter

into a killer? I will not allow that, she is too

innocent for such. She is gone, far away…”

The man laughed, shaking his head. “If I don’t

find my daughter today Fabian…”

“What will you do?” He demanded, smiling.


. “Would you ask me to kill Nana again…oh wait,

—been there , done that. Will you lock me up?

torture me or even kill me? Look, I will even

accept the last option because at least I will be

free from you.”

“Guards!” The boss shouted.

Two guards came in immediately.

“I am going to make you suffer for what you just did

Fabian…” The man threatened.

“You can’t make me suffer, you already made

me lose everything I ever cared about in my

life…” Fabian said, tears in his eyes, “Believe

me, I have nothing to lose. I am all you have, I

am the son you never had, you created me and

made me into your image, if you kill me you will

lose your best man and your best son.” He

looked at the guards. “Are you going to seize

me or are you going to be wasting my time?”

The guards looked at the boss for further

instruction but he gave none so Fabian took out

the tag and threw it on the table. “ I retrieved

that from her, who else would have done that? I

will be out, call me if there is a mission.”

“Did you check what is on the tag?”

“What else will be there than my red code, I

don’t want to remember my worst nightmare,

there is no reason to open it besides you would

have been notified if I had. So now, can I go?”

He asked and without waiting for a response,

left the room,

While he later got back to his car. He thought of

calling Michael but he changed his mind, they

may be watching him, he will call him once his

connection is secured.

* * *

“Hello, yea, Darkwidow00001, connect to UK ,

Paris and London. A picture will be sent, anyone

who sees her and her associate should not

engage except in the next 5 years when she is

comfortable, do not touch her, but destroy

everything that she has, or whoever gets close

to her. That should bring her home immediately.

Thank you. Talk to you later in the next five