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The Dark Widow Episode 14 by Jimmy Swagger

For a while Shelby said nothing. What he just

said now made no sense and she was just

certain that he was completely out of his mind.

They both waited, looking at each other, he had

an agitated expression on his face…

‘Please say something…”

She waited and then said. “When did you start

taking drugs?”

He gasped and shook his head painfully with a

sigh . “You didn’t believe me.”

“Ofcourse why would I believe such a thing?

Why would you even think of something like

that? Are you drunk, don’t joke with me when it

comes to Nana please.”

“I am not joking Shelby please listen to me…”

She stared at him as if he was having a mental

problem. “Nana died of accident okay, I was

told. I heard you disappeared for some days and

I’m only asking you to know where you went to

and not because you think I am stupid enough

to…you know what? Forget it.” She began to

walk away from him and quickly, he grabbed her

arm and pulled her towards him so suddenly,

bringing his lips down to hers.

At first she was stunned as their lips met, it was

so sudden and his lips were cold. The kiss was

rough and hard


. She could detect urgency and desire all mixed

together at the tip of his gliding tongue, as she

wanted to kiss him back, he pulled

away…holding her with both arms. There was

fear in his eyes and for the first time, she could

tell he was sane and he was afraid…

“Listen to me. I need you to listen to me please.

I know what you took from your father, the


“Ok..hold did you know that?”

“I know you want to join the business but it is

not what you think it is. It is a secret cult

service which is powerful and has killed many

people. I don’t know why your father wants you

to join but I know you want to join because you

think you want to displace Laura but you need to

stop. It is not what you think it is…”

Shelby’s heart was beating so fast as he

listened to what he was saying.

“I got your network jammed because I didn’t

want you to open the info on that tag.


. You are not ready for this..I don’t want you in

that business, it will ruin your life and…”

“Look, Fabian, what are you talking about? You

are scaring the shit out of me..please tell me

this is a joke…”

“What I just told you, about Nana…” He sighed

and continued . “It’s the truth.”

She eased her arm from his grip. “No, no, no, I

don’t believe you….It’s not possible, you

couldn’t even kill that stupid cockroach on your

bed when we were younger and….” Her voice

trailed off as she stared at him…he wasn’t

changing his statement. “No, no, it cant be true.

She ..she was like our mother, she took you in

when your parents died in that accident and

she…” She stopped, hoping Fabian would

change his statement, hoping he would say he

was joking, no, he was just staring at her with

that goddam guilt written all over his face. She

backed away from him.

“No…I don’t believe you Fabian…you would

never kill Nana, you loved her too much, and you

were her favorite.”

“I am so sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally…It was

a mistake….”

She was frozen, her mouth was wide-open in an

expression of wide surprise. He came closer but

she backed away and finally she began to run.

Quickly Fabian dialed a number on his phone.

“Yea. Plan B”

Initially, they had planned that if she takes the

car, she would have to hit Michael and call

Fabian to help him out, from there, Fabian gets

the flash drive that would be containing

Michaels funeral as a proof that he actually

died, then out of guilt for hittig an innocent

man. she might run away and Fabian will

convince her to let him take care of it, but now

that she was on the move, Michael would have

to hit her…it was easier like that. As he ended

the call, he opened his palm and in it was the

tag he had retrieved from Shelby, he was able to

get it back, atleast, he got to tell her first and

now, Michael would have to take her away with

him..forever and far away.

His phone rang, he he took a deep breath as he

saw the number, it was the boss….he hadn’t

even planned on what he was going to say about

his daughter’s disappearance