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The Dark Widow Episode 13 by Jimmy Swagger

“Where are we going Fabian?” Shelby asked as

he started the car.

He smiled. “Well, I’m about to kidnap you.” He


“I’m not a fan of kidnapping Fabian and…” She

realized he was smiling. “Why are you smiling?”

Fabian chuckled. “You are smiling and you are

asking me why I’m smiling, why are you


She shook her head . This was unbelievable.

“Wait, your lady is not around is she?”

Fabian grinned while making a sharp turn. “Why

would you ask me that?”

“Because, you are becoming the Fabian that I

used to know and I don’t know why you have

been acting so differently eversince I got


“Yea, I know. I was just dealing with some

things, that’s why , and I am here to make it


“Is she around or not Fabian?” She teased


‘Okay,okay, she is not.”

“ I knew it.”

He laughed. “I just had to get rid of her so I

could bring you here..”

“Where?” Shelby gasped as she realized where

they had come. It was the field they had had

their first picnic with Nana


. “Oh my God!” She smiled excitedly. “You

remember this place?”

“Yea, I never forgot.” He said in a smoky voice

and pulled the car to a halt.

She climbed out first to breathe in the fresh air

that brought her so many beautiful memories of

the past. There were playground gadgets

everywhere likes swings and the merry-go-

rounds. Ever since she got back , she had never

tried visiting this place and being here, made her

feel exactly the way she had felt those years


Fabian came around with two baskets and

brought out a blanket which he spread on the

grass and they sat on it.

For a while, she was quiet as she recognized the

veil. “Isn’t that Nana’s veil?”

“Yea, glad you recognized it.”

Shelby smiled. “Who are you Fabian? One

minute you are behaving like you don’t give a

shit, the next time you are coming up with

emotional stuffs…what is the matter with you?

Is there something I missed?”

As a reply, Fabian dipped a hand into one of the

baskets and handed her a plate of cookie. “Stop

thinking about these things Shelby, go ahead,

have a cookie, you will love it.”

Shelby took a deep breath and opened the pan,

took a cookie and put in her mouth . True, she

loved it but still…

“Fabian, what is happening? I need answers.

Everything has changed since I got back and a

cookie will not give me the answers…”

‘Sh! We will have time for that. Right now, let’s

just enjoy this moment okay. Right now, don’t

think about anything, just postpone them and be

rest assured that I will give you all the answers

you need.”

Shelby calmed down. “Sure?”


The next minute , they were both quiet.

“Do you remember this?” He asked. Shelby

gasped and laughed so hard as she saw the

stupid pipe she had used as a ring.

“Oh my God Fabian, I’m so going to kill you for

keeping that…Give it to me Fabian…”

“Nope.” He stood up, contorted his face

somehow, and holding his finger out, he said in a

sing-song voice. “ You are so dumb sometimes,

Fabian! Come on, put it on my finger, Nana will be

the priestess…”

Shelby screamed with laughter as she

remembered she had said the exact thing those

years ago. Quickly , she stood up and began to

chase him all over the field. “I’m gonna kill you

Fabian, I swear, that is so embarrassing, you

just wait for me…”

Finally they both fell to the ground while she

climbed on top of him to tickle him into

releasing the pipe as they had always done as

kids. She was already on top of him chest to

chest and face to face with her hands wrapped

around his when she paused.

Fabian felt both their hearts beating in sync as

she lay on top of him and they just kept staring

at each other. She smelt so good and he just

wanted to bury his head in her hair , This was

the only moment they have been this close and

for the first time, he was aware of her feminity.

He felt weak under whatever femine spell his

body was responding to. Her finger was around

his palm as he held the pipe inbetween his

fingers tightly. He felt so paralysed under their

close proximity that his palm opened by

themselves ..he thought he felt her bend her

head closer to his….even if she was never going

to his, it would be fair to kiss her right…instead

she rolled off of him , taking the pipe with her

and rolled to his side and finally stood up.

He groaned as she stood up, laughing and

waving the pipe at his face while walking back

to where they had set their picnic.

“For a moment, I thought you were going to kiss

me?” He confessed.

“Aww, you are too easy. Besides, you have a

girlfriend so…kiss yourself.”

He groaned. What a kill joy!

* ** *

It was already evening and they were now on

sitting on the swings. They had spent all the day

talking about important and non-important things

and now, he knew his time was fast approaching

but he was still enjoying himself with her. He

didn’t want to spoil things yet.

“How did you meet Laura?” She demanded. They

were talking about so many things and now she

felt she could finally ask.

Fabian chuckled. “How many questions do you

have for me Shel?”

“A whole pack of questionnaire but let’s start

with that.”

“Okay, I met her at work.” He replied.

“Okay, so you asked her out or she did?”

Fabian scoffed. “Well, is that really necessary?’

‘Yes Fabian, it is, now answer, you know you

owe me all that.”

“Okay, yea, she asked me out.” He replied.

“I knew it. SO you said a ‘yes’ because of what

exactly? Because you were afraid if you had said

no, she might have stabbed you in the heart?”

Fabian shook his head. “No, I actually liked her,

that was why I said Yes.”

“Please, what could you have possibly liked

about her, she is intimidating, mean and selfish.

Always intruding anytime I’m talking with you

and everything. It’s like she is afraid you might

fall in love with me or something….”

“Well, she knows I care about you and she knows

we have a history together.”

That must have touched her because she

smiled, without looking at him and asked. “You


‘Yes, like you don’t know that I care about you


She smiled more. ‘Well I don’t know. Maybe if

you could say it one more time, I might believe

you,” She teased.

Fabian grinned and shifted on his swing, looking

directly at her. ‘Well, Shelby, I care so much

about you. Do you believe me now?”

She shook her head and laughed. “I will have to

think about if I believe you or not.”

Angrily, Fabian pulled her, making her swing so

high back and forth before finally coming to a


“Why did you come back here Shelby?” He finally


“Well, you know the reason to that as well. “

She replied.

“I don’t know, maybe you can tell me.”

She rolled her eyes. “Seriously, you are trying to

do your own back? You are so predictable.”

He laughed. ‘But I’m not, I just want to know.

Why? You don’t want to tell me because you are

afraid of my girlfriend?” He said on purpose.

Tina stared at him with a ‘how-dare-you-look.’ “I

am not afraid of your girlfriend, infact, I think

you are more afraid of her.”

“Now you are trying to change the topic.”

“I came back here because..well, maybe I

thought….” She paused.

“Spill it, I won’t bite you.”

She ignored him totally. “I missed my dad and I

sortta missed you too. That’s it. We were best

friends and your calls just stopped coming in for

many years. Each time I asked dad to talk to

you, he said you were not around, where were


Fabian was surprised. He never knew she

actually kept asking after him even when her

dad had told him she had forgotten about him.

“I ..never got your message …” He lied but

stopped. He got everyone of them, he just never


“I left a message each time Fabian, you never

returned them and I stopped. I thought you

forgot me…”

“I never forgot you Shelby, how could I? To me,

you are everything, you are my sister, my

bestfriend my….” His voice trailed off….he

shouldn’t make things more difficult. “You are

my only family, you are unforgettable.”

“So why did you ask me to go study at all those

far away countries when I could have stayed

here and be all these things to you Fabian…We

promised to always be together. When I finished

college at UK, I came back home. I saw you

only one time through out my stay and you only

came to tell me not to study in the country ,

where were you all those times, why did you

leave all of a sudden again and I didn’t see you

again until I left for my Uni at Paris, you left so

many holes Fabian, why ? Where were you so far

away even while I was right here? Nana died

during my first year in Paris and you didn’t even

call me to tell you, now you are saying I am

everything to you? Even if you were seeing Laura

then, you could have told me something.”

Her tone was getting serious and emotional…

Fabian looked away. She was right but all those

times, he had been far away because he was

still training to become the killer that he

became. He saw each of her missed calls on his

phone but then he was trying to push her away

and was surprised when he got a message that

she was around, shortly he had escaped to see

her. He had only told her one thing, not to

spend her Uni in the country but in a far away

place and he went back immediately. He was

later punished a year later, for escaping the

training ground and the punishment was his Red


“It wasn’t because of Laura, Shelby, I was away

because…because I wanted to protect you.”

“What does that even mean Fabian. Please I just

need the truth, with the death of Nana and why

you ran away and where you went to.


. Please.”

Fabian stood up while checking the time on his

wristwatch, he clicked the button by the sides to

signal to Michael where he was, he would get

the beep sound on his phone.

“Why would you need to protect me Fabian,


Shutting his eyes, he knew he couldn’t escape

this. “Because..because I care about you and

because I love you so much and I had to keep

you away from this place.”

He sensed how surprised she was with the way

she gasped and was quiet.

“Fabian, you love me?” She asked again but he

was quiet.

“Fabian…’ She called him again, now moving

towards him. “I promise I will not judge you.

Were you smoking or did you do something

terrible? I will forgive you, I promise. I just need

the Fabian that I knew back, the one I shared

my childhood and my first kiss with….I know you

love me, we have both loved each other since

we were kids but I need to know what is

happening, you are acting so weird and even

though I appreciate you telling me first that you

love me, still it feel so wrong as if you are

keeping things. Please Fabian, make this right if

you truly love me.”

Fabian shut his eyes as he opened his mouth to

talk, his heart was beating so fast and then , he

shut them again. He couldn’t do this. How could

he tell her everything just at once? How could

he just break all her heart at once?

“I want us back Fabian, I want to take that job

that father offered, atleast we can be together

and spend time together and….”

Slowly , he turned around towards her and

moved so close that they were just inches apart.

“ I am not the Fabian that you used to know…he

is long gone, this Fabian is a terrible person and

you need to leave this country tonight. I have

arranged for your departure with someone, your

passports and everything is inside, I sent enough

money to get you two on your feet and ….” He

realized she was looking at him in a confused


“Are you on drugs Fabian or what are you

saying? Are you trying to make me change the

topic? You just said you love me and now you

want me to leave the country?”

“Yes Shelby.” He stated, holding her hand. “You

are not safe in this place,there are so many

things you don’t know.”

“Things like what?”

“Abominable things that you may never believe


“You are scaring me.”

“Good, you need to be scared because it is the

truth…” He stopped and looked at her. Her eyes

were wide-open and her eyebrows were buried in

a frown.

Fabian could feel the panic in his tummy as he

held her hand with his hands firmly, he could see

her chest rising and falling as he opened his

mouth to say-“I killed Nana.” Slowly, he watched

her pull her hands slowly from his grip