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The Dark Widow Episode 12 by Jimmy Swagger

Shelby couldn’t catch enough sleep the previous

night, her mind was awake, all through. She

was super excited, she would finally be having a

special moment with Fabian. She kept going

through her closet to pick the perfect dress

while it was just 10AM.

“God! Do you think I need to go for shopping? I

can’t find the right dress?”

Cynthia watched in interest as she kept

arranging the cloths she had earlier scattered.

Later she just sat down exhausted.

“If I were this one..i think it will be too

showy….my cleavages will be opened and I

don’t want to put him in trouble with that slut of

a girlfriend.”

Cynthia chuckled.

“If I were that one, I will be too hot inside….if I

were the other one….”

“Look Princess I….”

“Do you mind not calling me that, I hate it, that

slut calls me that and I just don’t like it.”

Cynthia chuckled more.

“Everytime she will be like…Baby, baby, baby

like a pregnant chicken, what is her problem?”

“Well, Miss I think…”

“I don’t even think Fabian likes her even, I mean,

the way he always becomes this macho cold

hearted villain anytime she is around, I think he

is afraid of her.”

Cynthia sighed . “Well, miss you should know I

would always root for you


. But you sure the lady doesn’t know about your

going out together?”

“Well, I don’t know, I think Fabian will find an

excuse for that…by the way, do you always hear

some noise in the floor like in the midnight?”

Cynthia shook her head. “What noise?”

“I don’t know, it’s somewhere under the ground

of my room but maybe it was just my

imagination. I heard it the night dad travelled ,

wanted to ask him but I forgot.”

“It could be rats.” Cynthia replied.

“Rats in the ground? I thought they stay in the


“Well, I don’t know miss.”

“No problem Cynthia, which do you think I should

wear among those cloths that you had just

packed in…”

Cyntia sighed. “I thought you wanted to go for

shopping, I had packed them all in, well, I think

you should go for the pink. It’s short and light

and …”

“Bring them all out again Cynthia, please…”

The woman groaned in pain but smiled. “Yes


“Don’t worry, anyone you can’t pack in, just give

them to your daughter , the one who is almost

my age. What’s her name again?”

The woman smiled. “Carmen, her name is


* * *

“Oh my God! Baby! My solo mission?”

Fabian nodded. “Yea. I know how much you

have wanted this.”

Laura smiled and embraced him. “Thank you so

much.” She collected the parcel from him.

“I have made all the necessary arrangement for

flight and hotel reservation. Everything you need

to know is in there. Your plan leaves in thirty

minutes so you better hurry up.”

Lauren pulled away and looked at him

suspiciously. “ Why do I have a feeling that you

are trying to get rid of me so soon?”

Fabian looked disappointed. “If you don’t want it,

I will take it.”

Lauren smiled. “I will take it, besides, what

would you do while I’m away?””

“Well, I will go for a debriefing on my last job


“Oh, that reminds me, you never told me how it


“How what went?”

“A meeting with Lauren. Did he ask of me?”

“No, he ddin’t and it went fine. He wanted to get

all emotional with me so I pretended as if we

were on the same page, it was easy, I only

needed to make sure he sniffed the inhaler and

he did.”

“Wow! That was a simple task to go all the way

to Paris for.”

“Michael wouldn’t sniff the inhaler unless he

was under a lot of pressure, I had to create one

for him.”

“Hmm. I get it. RIP to him. So , you will be going

to the underground for the debriefing?”


“Ah, I am so jealous of you. You get to go to the

facility while I report to you. So, as there are

many people in that house, no one has ever

realized that there is Dark Widow basement

facility under the ground?”

Fabian shook his head. “Yea and it will stay like


“Not even the princess….”

“Yea, not even her.”Fabian replied on time so as

not to seem suspicious. Quickly he grabbed the

passport on the table and handed to her.

“Journey Mercies.”

** *

He watched as the car drove her out of sight.

He sighed perfect. Now he had all the entire day

to make his plan work. Quickly, he went to his

study and sat behind his computer. He clicked a

button and he quickly shut his eyes as Shelby

came on the screen.


. She was wearing a pink gown and the maid

was helping her with the zip.

He took a deep breath. It would be disastrous if

he was to see her nakedness, he had much sin

in his hand already.

He tried to open one eye and realized she was

now checking herself in the mirror. The gown

had purple flowers lacing the curves of her

waist. It clung delightfully to her body

accentuating her curves.

“This is beautiful Miss, serious.”

“I think it’s too much, I don’t even know where

we are going…I will change it …”

Without thinking, Fabian, dialed a number on the

phone. He watched as Cynthia handed her the


“Hello, “

“Hi Fabian.”

“Are you ready?”

“For what?”

“Our outing of course?”

“It’s still too early Fabian, you said in the


‘Well, I change my mind, we have lots to catch

up on.”

He saw her smile, her smile always brings colour

to her face.


“Wear something beautiful.”

She nodded and the call ended. He watched as

she recounted everything to Cynthia and quickly

sat down so she could help with her hair. Finally,

Fabian clicked the skype icon on the screen and

Michael’s face popped in.

‘Hello dead man.’

Michael shook his head. “Hello looser, is your

girl getting ready for me?”

“Shut your trap. Are you at the hotel?”

“Yea but skype? Really, don’t you think it’s


“I’m using an encrypted connection, anyone who

is tracing this call would think I am playing an

illegal video game.”

Michael looked surprised. “Wow! That is such a


“How was the morgue life?”

“I was frozen man, you should have seen me.”

“What about the guy? You sure he is trusted?”

“He is my brother, sure he can be trusted.”

“Okay so , what about the funeral video?”

“It will be in my left pocket for your pickup.”


“I will contact you later, dead man.”

Michael gave him his middle finger before the

screen shut down.

Fabian stood up, checked it’s time-well, it’s

show time.