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The Dark Widow Episode 11 by Jimmy Swagger


“Hello Baby, missed me in Paris?”

Shelby turned to see who the intruder was and

she almost hissed aloud . The expression on

Fabian’s face had changed. The warmth she had

seen earlier which had made her think he was

still her Fabian was no longer there. She knew

he was not going to tell her again, especially

now that the lady was walking towards them.

“What do you want here?” Shelby demanded, she

just couldn’t stand that lady.

Laura laughed , looking quite surprise at her

sudden outburst and her confidence. She

stopped, crossing her legs while flinging her hair

to the back with her index finger.

“Well, Princess.” She began and Shelby rolled

her eyes contemptuously, she hated when she

called her that, it was like she was doing it to

annoy her.

“I heard that my boyfriend, Fabian is around and

I came to check on him because I was

wondering why he didn’t tell me he was around.”

She said directly at Fabian.

“Well, maybe he needs a break from you as you

are always all over him.” Shelby retorted, she

was just having enough of all this drama.

“What? A break from me, really? I bet you don’t

know him as much as I do?”

“No, I know him more than thousands of you

would know about him…” She snapped back and

immediately, Fabian was inbetween them, but

instead, he was holding Laura back, of course,

she was his girlfriend, who would he rather


“Cut it out ladies, laura, I’m sorry, I just thought

you didn’t want to be disturbed…”

“Really, you thought that?” Laura scoffed. “You

are so predictable, call me when you are in your

right senses.” She said, glared at Shelby who

glared at her back before leaving the room.

Fabian sighed and faced her…

“Shelby I….” HE started but stopped.

“You are not the man I used to know and I am

so disappointed in you


. Forget about my question, I will find out by

myself.” She said and turned to head back but

Fabian grabbed her quickly, by the arm.

“Please, I am sorry, gimme a chance to make

things right.”

Shelby rolled her eyes. “What chance to make

what right? She is your girlfriend, so I am the


“No, no, Shelby please don’t be like that. I

promise, tomorrow night, just you and me, no

one else, I promise. Just trust me please.”

Shelby thought for a while and then nodded.

“Okay, no problem.” She replied before climbing

the stairs to her room.

Some minutes later, Fabian was in his car, the

Bluetooth around his ear beeped.

“Tomorrow night by 9, at Lacmack street, the

accident should be minimal, don’t worry, she will be the one driving , just act your part well.”