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The Dark Widow Episode 10 by Jimmy Swagger

The long shadows of the evening was fast melting

into the gathering darkness of the night time. The

air cooled and the crickets chirped consistently.

The beds were silent and no one walked the


The darkness was so thick that the only torch in

his hand seemed not to be bright enough to light

his way. He was only able to see at most an arm’s

reach ahead of him . Apart from the darkness and

himself, all that existed was the wind of the

January harmattan which kept blowing harshly

through the cloak he was wearing into his skin.

He sighed as he walked further along the alienated

road. There was no soul in sight and he wondered

if all of this wasn’t a mistake.

There was no passing car or bike everywhere was

as silent as a grave yard. He hoped whoever his

target was wouldn’t come out tonight. He prayed

no one would show up but he knew that was a lie,

they would always show up.

He kept on walking, with no idea of where he was

going. All he knew was that, he would know when

the target showed up. He could feel the weight of

the gun in his pocket-It was a KAhr P9 double-

action semi-automatic, developed in America, six

inches long , steel and polymer construction – it

weighed just twenty-five ounces, making it one of

the smallest, lightest pistols in the world. Part of

his training was also to study guns, he knew

about everyone of them and he knew that this one,

was the most silent of them all, once shot, the

victim would only feel a slight sting and then the

poison would spread fast, making the death


The cold breeze blew into his eyes, making his

eyes sting so he had to bend his head slightly to

one side, covering his head with his hoodie


. With the way everywhere was dark, he could

figure it the time should be around some minutes

past 2.AM.

When he was younger, this would have been the

perfect time to call Nana to cover him up with a

blanket, but since he started his training, he

hadn’t even seen her or heard from Shelby. It was

a torture. He wished he had never grown up. He

had just one dream all his life, for him and Shelby

and Nana to travel to a lonely place and live as

one big family.

He had been sleeping peacefully in his training

room when all of a sudden he had been

blindfolded and tied up. He knew what it meant,

he had seen when they came for the rest of his


He was hurled into a van right before something

was injected into him and he lost consciousness.

By the time he came around, he was alone on the

road, with no blindfold but just one thing, a short

gun and a Bluetooth around his ear. Shortly after

he heard a strange voice-

“Kill the first person you see on the road.

Remember, failure means death. Keep walking, it’s

ahead of you”

That was all, and the call ended. Since then he

had been working for more than forty minutes and

he was getting tired. Thinking of when he would

get to see Shelby and Nana again was the only

thing that had kept him going. Her dad had said

once he passed, he could go spend a vacation any

place of his choice and he planned to take Nana

with him.

Suddenly, he saw a figure ahead of him, waiting at

the middle of the road. Immediately, the hair at the

back of his neck stood up.

He peered into the darkness but he couldn’t really

see very well, his bloody torch was just not seeing


He couldn’t tell if the figure was facing him or

facing the other side but he knew it was a human


Suddenly his Bluetooth came alive again. “Now

that is your target. Go ahead and shoot, you have

just one minute. Failure to do that –you know

what it means.”

He could hear his heart beating rapidly as he

stared at the figure ahead of him. In the grip of

the silent panic, he caught a slight movement

overheard as if the person was bending to pick up


Quickly he aimed his gun at it….he could feel his

adrenaline level rising up as he cocked the gun…

The figure was still making some movements—he

wished he or she could just keep still so that this

could be easy for him….something told him to

walk closer but he was unable to raise a leg. He

was as stiff as a board-

“I gotta do this to be able to take Nana and Shelby

away from this place, if I don’t do this I would lose

them both..i gotta do this..this is bad..this is

murder..what would they think of me when they

find they wouldn’t find it…maybe after this

I could run away and never come back….” All

these thoughts turned his brain into a mental

soup of conflicting instructions…

“Shoot Fabian, you have five seconds more….”

He took another breath….”no, he couldn’t..he


He was lowering his gun down slowly when he

realized there was a movement as if the person

was trying to bend and pick something, It could be

a gun, immediately, he fired…he saw the light

smoke, dancing out of the mouth of the pistol…he

had fired.


Breathing heavily, he lowered his gun and from

nowhere, he felt a vibration in his pocket. He

never knew he had his phone with him all along.

He was still trembling like a leaf in the wind when

he brought out his phone, it was Nana….quickly,

he picked it-why would she be calling him?

He picked-he at first didn’t hear anything….

“Hello, Nana…” The sound he heard was like that

of someone writhing in pain and then some kind

of echo and the breeze of the wind. For a while

panic gripped him and for no reason he rushed to

the figure in front of him with his torch.

The person was lying on the ground, writhing in

pain, there was a plastic mask covering the

victim’s face. He pulled it off with shaking fingers

and gasped as he saw his Nana. Her lips were

sealed with tape, and hands and legs were bound

up so she could either be standing rigidly or lying

on the floor.

Fast, he pealed out the tape and freed her hands,

while she looked at him horror.

“Nana, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, I’;m so sorry,

Nana.” He cried, putting her head in his lips as he

sat on the ground, tears flooding his cheeks.

Gingerly, Nana brought her wrinkly hands to his

cheeks and smiled….

“It’s okay, I forgive you…Dark Widow got you, I

thought they would at least free you.”

Fabian gasped. “You knew about them?”

She nodded weakly. “Yes I….” She coughed blood.

“I have been living there for…”She coughed more

blood…for more than twenty years so….I know….”

“Nana, please don’t die…please , please…”

“Listen to me very well…take Shelby away..both of

you, run…” She coughed more blood…”I forgive

you my son….”

All of a sudden she sucked in air and gave one

final sigh……”

“Fabian…how did Nana die, please tell me the


Fabian snapped out of his thoughts at Shelby’s

request…he realized he was beginning to have

tears in his eyes again. Slowly, he reached out a

hand to her cheeks and caressed it softly…

Then he sighed. “Shelby, I ki…..”

“Hello Baby, missed me in Paris?”