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The future is bleak as corruption defies cure
I weep for the state
I weep for the nation
Whombled with a broken pledge
Oh what a bewildered nation
Which has drawn in abysmal failure

Leadership oh!
Leading has become a business of looting
The leadership pendulum swings in await for the mantle of great efficacious result

Forgive me for I pledge for guilty for the pen should be used to murder their sleep by constantly reminding them their crime against the people.
How long do we intend to suffer malcontent and be silent
Courage has taken the back seat

Welcome to a new world of evil being applauded
Oh how I weep
Cruel, wicked rulers lives in position of privilege
Small,minor,minute, selfish, money minded reactionary minority among vast mass of oppressed people

Dogs now walk tall on our piloted pavement
An unforseen phenomenon of nature
Frost and snow
Stars and flowers
Snows and dews
All with it radical changes
We merry In the face of our misery
For I see a bright horizon.

*Eze Michelle ✍️*

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