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People with stretch marks tends to have low self esteem about them selves and finds it difficult to stay were people are..

Having stretch marks can be more embarrassing when
It is in an open area of the body ,a place were it is easy for people to see ….

Stretch Mark can mostly be caused by using chemical cream,it is a thin line in the body…

Stretch Mark can make people loose confident in there self especially Ladies..

Here is the simple way to clear stretch Mark within 2weeks


1. Aloe Vera

2 . Sheabutter


First thing first, put your Sheabutter in a dry pot,

leave it on a low heat,

when it’s oily you Cut the aloe vera take out the gel ,then you add it to the

you then stire the mixture until the aloe vera changes colour to brown.

When you have confirmed that is already brown in colour, pour it in a clean bowl and allow it to cool off..

After that rub it in the affected area…

Do this 3 times a week and see the result

Rub only on the affected area…
You can make any quantity you like…

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