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It really hard to tell when a guy love you,or doesn’t love you,

There is a very big difference between being overwhelmed with someone and truly loving them, while you are deeply in love with your boyfriend,you will always want to know if the feeling is mutual, if he actually feels the same way for you.

Here are the simple sign that shows he is really into you.

* He always wants to see you

When a guy loves you,he will make very excuse just to see you,
Excuse like I need to tell you something,he needs help with something.
He just find silly excuse so he can just see you..

*. He makes excuses just to talk to you.

A guy who truly loves you will always try to find a way to talk to you
This simply means you’re always in his mind and he enjoys talking to you.

Two people who can communicate and connect on a deeper level are the two that will work for the long term.

* He introduce you to his friends.

Everyone has a lot of people they are close to,and when he introduce you to them it really a big deal and a bold steps.

It shows he is proud of you and he is happy having you with him.

* He talks about the future.

If your guy talks about the future with you, that’s a very wonderful sign that he sees you two lasting longer

If he talks about himself and his goals when he talks about the future,but does not include you in the future,it means that he only sees the relationship as a short-term thing.

Exchanging ” ME for ” WE” is a good move,and once he starts talking about you two together in the future.
you can be relief there are chances that he loves you.

* He always wants to see you happy.

A man that truly loves his girl will always do everything to make her happy and see her simile.

A boyfriend that is falling more in love will be more willing to help whenever he can.

When a guy only cares about himself and does not care about how you feel
There are chances it just a short term relationship

A man who is deeply in love with his girlfriend will eventually tell her that he loves her all the time.

The more you learn to understand yourself ,the more silence there is ….

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