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Shocking! See what happened to Justin Bieber after getting dreadlocks.

Famous American Pop star, Justin Bieber uploaded photos of him rocking dreadlocks via his social media handles.

Justin had previously been backlashed for wearing dreads back in 2016, still that didn’t stop him from doing it again.
As expected, his fans didn’t take it lightly and has replied in awe and shock.

Some of their comments via Twitter and Instagram are;

” We love you but what is that???? “

” Justin what the hell is up with your hair “

” Now why did Justin Bieber get dreadlocks and why does he keep getting a pass “

” Wtf “

” Justin Bieber got dreadlocks oml wtf “

” Justin Bieber got dreadlocks again…I wonder how his fans are gonna spin this around. “

This didn’t go down well as many people consider “whites wearing dreadlocks” as a form of cultural appropriation.

It is as a result of the dismissal and mockery that people of colour got for wearing dreadlocks.

What do you think about this?
Clout chasing or not?

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