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A damaged good i am, lost in the frivolities of life
A broken glass i am, too many cracks in my life
A disgraced person i am, too many faults obvious to men

I don’t care how you see me
I live for me and me alone.
I am all by myself in this world of chaos, trouble, despair
Bitterness is my lifestyle; Sorrow my faithful companion

A man of royal blood, born with a silver spoon, given all on the platter of gold
Gave away all his wealth,his comfort and home
Left the indulgence of wealth
A god who became man
A man who became God

Victory i crave, he gave me with love
My sorrows he turned to joy
My shame he changedto grace
My cries he replaced with pride
I, a broken person, moulded back by the potter
The broken glass mended by the sculptor

The price for my redemption was his blood
His life for mine
His wealth for my poverty
His joy for my sorrow
His peace for my despair
He all for my loss
He paid it all in full
Died in my stead and arose victorious

I, mortal man, with no place in the world
Aimlessly living
With no hope for redemption

I, a living being, with a place on earth and in heaven
Visionary living
Bought with a price.

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