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Once again the palace as become a prison
We kept running from prism to prison
A loud thundering voice of Machine Gun
Within a twinkle of an Eye, all is gone

Once again our lives are broken and Tinted
Death spreading, Blades Soak with Blood
Wars within and without, Our future laid to death
The oceans of life turns red with innocent blood

Thousands dead,Million disfigured and Displaced
Many left on the street and others into exile
The wilderness our home and desert our playing ground
No sleep for our heavy eye or hope for a weary heart

Once again With pains,we Sang the Babylonian’s song
With strips, we learnt their ways and custom
Our Sons born into hardship through the cord of poverty
A life of slavery becomes the dream of Every child

Once again, wouldn’t death become our freedom
Wouldn’t fate and destiny come to our aids
Once again, wouldn’t freedom become history
Freedom comes with a price once again.

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