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On ageing

A little less hair

A little less chin
A wrinkled skin without velvety

I fight hard to avoid my mirror
I can no longer recognize me because it doesn’t look more like me

I know I am wasting much time missing whom I use to be
Now my face reveals my age
And my memories all degenerating
I may plan to do things next
It may slip my mind

I am no longer an asset
My income has dwindled
My bone stiff and aching
I no longer walk the thousand miles I use to
My foot won’t climb the stairs

I already Know that corpus renovation won’t stop
But what more despite my worn out shell,am still the same underneath.
There is no one in the world quiet like me

My flesh and bone may fade but
I know my young mind never change

Even in this wear and tear body I have got *ain’t I lucky I can still breath*

Michelle Verena✍️


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