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No man born of a woman would dare do this 8 things at the oba of Benin’s palace except you fell from the sky (Check them out below).

The royal residence of the Oba of Benin has represented more than 900 years with 40 Obas that have climbed the seat and till today, the greater part of its customary rituals are as yet being regarded and kept by the Benin Kingdom.

Numerous things are not permitted in the Oba of Benin royal residence and a portion of the illegal things I will impart to you beneath:

1.No one possesses more than one seat at the Oba of Benin Palace: it is a heresy and an indication of lack of respect to hold more than one seat in the royal residence of the Oba of Benin. The Oba of Benin should situate higher than everybody, and no one but Him can situate in two seats, seating above everybody. It will be viewed as challenging with the Oba in the event that you seat on two seats..

2.Nobody is permitted to utilize an umbrella in court: regardless the climate resembles, nobody is approved to utilize an umbrella within the sight of the Oba of Benin in any event, during merry periods.

3.Palm organic product is illegal in The Palace: palm natural products which are prevalently known as Banga is prohibited in the royal residence or from being acquired near the castle any way. It is accepted that if the Oba of Benin sees palm organic product, blood will stream in the land.

4.Dogs are not permitted in the castle: canines are prohibited in the royal residence, and any canine that goes to the castle will bite the dust normally or be killed.

5.Pointing of finger is prohibited in the royal residence: pointing of fingers is illegal in the castle, and it is an indication of irreverence to blame the Oba of Benin or His Chiefs. Likewise, the Oba of Benin doesn’t blame anybody either, for the Oba of Benin just blames somebody to favor or revile the individual.

6.Whistleblowing is restricted in the royal residence: utilizing of a whistle is denied in the castle, since it is accepted to be a mode of correspondence between the dead and the living, and somebody blowing a whistle in court may caution a soul that is unforgiving.

7.No dark garments permitted in the royal residence: under no condition should the Oba of Benin consider dark to be as he should grieve. Thusly nobody wearing dark dress is permitted to the royal residence.

8.No man is permitted in the Royal ladies quarters: it is taboo for any man to visit the Royal ladies quarters, where the Oba’s spouses live. No man, it doesn’t make any difference in case you are a family member or not,a man isn’t permitted in this quarter.



Onowu Jimmy swagger reporting……