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So much trust
For a family
That I never thought
I could be a victim

In my sleep, I felt the hands
On my waist, I felt slow circle
The dark room smiled evilly at me
And my eyes were full of fears

On my lips, I felt his wet lips
My throat tighten and my throat tasted like a rusted iron
Cold shiver, ran down my spine and my head feels heavy

He was big, I was tiny
He was stronger, I was weaker
He was an adult, I was just a teenager
He was well respected within the family

Within my legs,he laid like he’s finding his way, back to his mother’s womb
With a hand, my hands were both held, above my head

Hot tears ran down my eyes
And form a river inside my ears
My voice was lost
But in my mind, I prayed for the tinniest mercy from above

The cries of his new born baby
Was heard and I felt him tremble
At once, he stood up and left
And I lay still, and let the tears do the thanksgivings

It was a narrow escape, but I know that my life will not be the same again…

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