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Moringa and it’s health benefits



Ranging from health and beauty down to curing or preventing diseases..


 Moringa is believed to have many benefits and also few known side effects. 


The Moringa plant which also contains antifungal, antiviral, antidepressants and anti-inflammatory properties has been used for centuries in Asia, Africa and South America where it is grown..


 But it is native to India.


The benefits of moringa includes;


1. Protection of the cardiovascular system

Reducing high blood pressure

Treating of stomach disorders such as Ulcer, Constipation … etc.


 2. Preventing and treating Cancer..


3. Improving eye health,

Making bones healthier

Treating diabetes and many more..


There are many ways to make use of the moringa plant such as a paste can be made out of the leaves or the seeds could be dried, grounded into powder and sprinkled on food before eating or the dried seeds can be used to make oil but there are still side effects to the plant.


Here is an easy recipe you can try out at home:




1. Fresh moringa leaves.


2. 1/2 glass of milk.




Use a blender or food processor to grind the leaves to a smooth paste..


Pour in a glass, mix the milk together with the paste to a consistency you can drink..


You can alternate with dried moringa leaves instead of fresh ones..


 This drink helps to regulate blood pressure and is also considered a treatment for ulcer.


There are very few side effects reported as aforementioned but if you are under medication, seek your doctor’s advice. 


Also pregnant women are advised not to take it because, moringa has some anti-fertility properties.




If you’ll try the recipe or have tried it before, leaves a comment as motivation to others..


You can also tell us more about the plant and possibly leave your own recipes to. 


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