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People talk about how easy it is to fall in love , especially when you are falling in love with the right person..

But they don’t bring out the fact that it’s just as easy to fall out of love with the same person…

That is going to be the subject of this article.

When you’re in a relationship with someone you love and cherish,you must always make sure you are not taking the relationship for granted, you will want to be making sure you are doing whatever you can to make the relationship work..

If not,you risk letting your love die like an untended flower.

You must always make sure you give your relationship the attention it needs to survive.

That why it’s absolutely necessary you do your best to stay on top of things.

You have to ensure the love you have is one that you always cherish,one you are always working on as long as you’re into it..

The moment you stop working on your relationship,then you are gradually letting it die..

Relationship isn’t something you go through once and then you’re done with it, capital No. it’s a constant work ,it always something you need to be giving your all to.

Beside,the best things in life are always worth working hard for.

Love is the best thing in the whole especially when you can actually share it, with someone you value and love..

You are slowly killing your man’s love for you if you do this things and you might not know.

* You don’t show gratitude for your man.

Your man will always want to feel needed and appreciated.

When you fail to make him feel needed, it’s only going to destory his self-esteem and confidence.

Whenever he goes out of his way to make you happy, make sure you show him that you really appreciate his efforts..

* When you try to turn him into someone he’s not.

Never make the Mistake of letting your man feel he’s not good enough for you.

Dont treat him like some kind of project where you get to change him up and experiment with him, it really wrong.

* When you fail to treat your man like a real partner.

Never see yourself as someone who is above your man. Yes , he is going to stay to serve you if he truly loves you, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to treat him like some kind of slave.

* When you fail to make him feel you still love him and still attracted to him.

Always put in more effort into making your man feel you still love and want him.

Let him know you are still willing and ready to work for his love.

* When you intrude on his phone’s messages.

You being in a relationship with him doesn’t mean you have access to his phone and computers.
You should still be able to respect his privacy as a human being..

Don’t take his trust for granted.

* When you blame him for all the problems in your relationship.

A man will continue to love you ,when you are humble enough to acknowledge your own personal faults and mistake in your relationship..

* When you get mad at him for not being able to read your mind.

He is going to feel offended and hate it ,when you assume he is just going to know things about you, without you being able to communicate with him, he will always wants you to be honest with him .

The more you understand your man,the longer the relationship last..

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