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Love on fire_ Episode 4

♥️❤️Love on Fire🔥🔥


(He is arrogant , She is Crazy)




Authoress Sassyjen (Aigbojie Jennifer)


©️do not copy without permission❎


                 ♥️ Episode 4🔥


I replied sorry mr presenter, are we writing an exam here that you asking for all these


Not at all miss, that’s the normal procedure so your Fans will get to know you


Mmmm ok then


My name is Charlotte Anderson but feel free to call me the crazy girl,am from San Francisco, age 24 that’s all


Wow People all over watching this, I hope you like the crazy girl in the house


Now Charlotte can you tell us the reason for joining Love on Fire


Oh damn it


I thought he has forgotten about that part,I tried escaping it but it seems it can’t be escape


My reason for joining, is it that necessary sir


Of cause, everyone needs to know the reason


Ok my parents thinks I will find true love here but I doubt it


Wow Charlotte is here to find true love


Hey, don’t get me wrong, I never said I came to find true love


My parents are the ones that forced me here


Everyone was quiet


Oh damn it,I hate it when people stare at me


I started laughing,just joking with you presenter, am also funny


I displayed my set of teeth when faking the laugh


Everyone was laughing and he said guess your way of dressing is funny too


I faked the laugh again, his so lucky this is live


If not I would have beaten him up for laughing at my wears


Oh ladies and gentlemen, pick the envelope containing your names and locate your various room


The first game starts tomorrow


Oh I can’t wait to sleep


In the envelope giving to us, it contains the lead to our various room assigned to us


I finally saw my room, it’s beautiful but not beautiful than my own room at home


Then I fell on tbe bed and started sleeping


When my phone rang.


Who doesn’t want me to sleep a little , I should have known

The devil himself Ethan


I picked the call and shouted why are you calling me, I told you am gonna kill you when I return this weekend



Am sorry sis, did you just say return


Yes I did


But how sis


Definitely my characters here will disqualify me


He started laughing on phone


I hate it when you laugh, did I say something funny or am I funny too


I doubt if you can be disqualified


Or don’t you know the first thing in the house is to have fans that will support you


Good that’s the more reason I will definitely return


Dumb head, you are damn popular,alot of people are talking about


I will read some comments for you


I was so dump as he started reading it


I love that crazy girl


Charlotte we love you the way you are


I bet you are going to find love and win the show


Oh really


Ethan can you stop reading


You can’t say thank you


Thank you for what for bringing me in here

Sort yourself out sis, you really Crazy


You troublesome,he ends the call


I hate him, I don’t wants fans, you all should not mention my name i said to myself


Really, am actually talking to myself


Then my stomach started rumbling, oh I can’t believe have not eaten because of this show


They didn’t even talk about food,I decided to check the envelope giving to us to see if they mentioned food 


Of cause there is but should be prepared by us, all stocks are available in the kitchen


Then I perceive food aroma, mmm who could be preparing such great meal


I decided to trace it to the kitchen when I saw different housemate there


Some even said she is really crazy, look at the way her hair is unkept


How on earth did she get in to Love on Fire


Then I said, I can hear you all, if you don’t want me to prove my craziness better mind your business


I got the things I needed to prepare the food I would like to eat


They are not even friendly here




I was actually enjoying my sleep when a loud voice says all house mate to the general sitting room


Oh Ethan is not the devil now ,it’s the love on fire gosh


I managed to stand up and just washed my face but the bathroom was locked


I decided to use from my bottle water to wash my face


What a stupid show


I never knew I was looking terrible till I got there and everyone started laughing but I don’t bloody care



Then he said, good morning handsome and Pretty housemates,trust we enjoyed our night, the first game we are going to be doing is to locate the keys to our various bathroom under an hour for us to have our bath



What ?


Does he mean am going to tie my towel around my chest looking for a key to the bathroom


What if I want to defecate


You see why I need to be disqualified


Everyone take your towel,go to your room and tie your towel, make sure you look hot who knows you might get your first crush today


Oh really, I will only crush the person head


Time start now


Most of them was saying it’s going to be fun


What stupid fun


I can’t believe am doing this ,I just can’t


I tied the towel, why did they give us a map and a touch light


Are we seeking for a missing treasure


I started tracing it when the light went off, I groan, really, to put off the light is part of the game


I don’t need a f**king map, I will just locate it myself, just look for a green color and I get my keys


I started looking for it, I must confess, I don’t know where I am anymore


Hope am not missing or are they using this show to kidnap us


Oh gosh,hello anyone there


I can’t even hear any sound of other housemate


What route did I even take before coming


Charlotte why will you use anger and throw the map away,now you are lost


I finally saw a door and I started dancing


I found it I found it ok ,oh yeah


I opened it so dark and I decided to put on the light when I saw a Mr with a towel around his waist


My towel fell off and I quickly tied it back and scream




Same with him he screamed


And I went in to hiding same with him 



To be continued….


Charlotte I can’t stop laughing


So guys who do you think is the guy on towel



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