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Life goes on and on
Life! life isn’t fair
I know what I want
Yet I get what’s available, Life!
Could life be playing a trick on me?
I dream of private school
I see myself in public school
I think of having a swimming pool, but a river at the next street I see
I envision cruising benz or Rolls Royce, but then I see Fiction eating up the soul of my sandals, Oh what a Life!

Life offered me a Silver spoon at birth, so I was told, yet I grew up not know what silver looks like, oh Life! What else can you take?
Advantage comes disadvantage showcase itself
Should I let the faith go to the last bar
It seems in any positive I try a twin negative interfere
What would I do?

I remember when the wind blows or move
None can tell the direction it chooses
I remember how cloudy the sky is and wish to rain but we think it won’t
Till it falls unexpectedly with a thunder strike saying I know you can delay me but you can never stop my nature, i rain must surely fall not only fall but heavily more than you expected.

Sure! Life Isn’t Fair
Nature is stubborn
Its always been a fight
I might have lost the Fight, but am not losing the war.
Life must Yield!

Moral :don’t let the opposite of life take advantage of who you are,you are a star and star always shine no matter how small you look at it from a distances when you get close you see how big it is… Aigbojie Jennifer Sassyjen

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