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Joke of the day (laugh out your sorrows)

*_Motivational speaker: Direction is better than speed_*


 _*Me: Dog never pursue this one before*_




*There’re two types of people you can’t satisfy;*

_1. The ungrateful_

_2. The greedy_

_*If you like kill yourself for them 



*That TV you bought before Buhari became President, go and price it in the market now.*



*Before a man can eat a woman’s money, it’s either you are a pastor, juju man or a scammer* 💀🙄


*If you’re depressed talk to me, but if it’s about money, we are both depressed. Don’t come and depress my depression 🤣😂🏃‍♂️* 🏃‍♂️



*No matter how arrogant and disrespectful u are u will always obey running stomach😂🤣🤪*

Atell you



*Some guys will be chatting with their crush and wouldn’t want the conversation to end……..* *They will be like “So is it your Mummy that gave birth to your sisters too?*

*No, my sisters were Ordered from Jumia.*😂😂😂😂😂😂



*I was shocked when l saw my uncle wearing Earrings & l asked him: “Are you a gay uncle?. He replied and said, “I started wearing them the day my wife found them in my car, l said they are mine”*




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