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I quicky fell back into the hectic school routine,I wasn’t a bloody jambite or a jonny just come anymore! hallelujah somebody!! I attended classes less because I’ve discovered it was a total waste of time,I usually read In my room or i take a stroll and read in some lonely class somewhere around school.

I was trying to avoid drama like a plague,my 1st semester had enough of that,I just want 2nd semester to be as normal as ever…but I guess drama has a thing for me,because I don’t think I got my wish,or did I?

nate and I video called each other alot,it wasn’t like first semester when we didn’t talk so much,as for victor,well we’ve seen each other at different places in school but never at his apartment,maybe he knew I was avoiding things and that’s why he let me be.

it had been a month,3 more to go and I’d be in 200level my people! I spent my time going out with my girls,gisting and gisting In my over populated room with my over populated roomies.

I’ve not seen osas for a while and for that I’m very glad,maybe because I barely attended classes,classes that where an opportunity to show off clothes and find a fuck buddy.

our matriculation was a week away,yes I know what you’re thinking,we didn’t matriculate in first semester like every normal first year,what did I tell you before? its The great UNI-BEND’s choice that this year we all matriculate in 100l 2nd semester,you could smell festivities¬† in the air,makeup artistes were springing up,laundry services and catering services,fliers were pasted everywhere in school,

My parents were going to come,hopefully my friends In Lagos come too,my dress was pretty simple,I don’t think I was cut out for being extremely extremely girly, on that day,Mia did my makeup and that of mercy,it wasn’t really bad at all,I actually liked it.i wore a gold sequin short dress and much to my chagrin heels,at the insistence of my roommates,saying they’d never allow me walk out of the room in snickers

but please allow me to just say something real quick about UNIBEN and stress,I saw hell in collecting my matriculation gown,hell on earth no cap,standing under the sun,struggling and shouting,and the officials in charge did not give a damm if we roasted under the sun,by the time my friends and I had gotten ours,we were angry,tired and stressed out.

we got to the akin dorum auditorium,I’ve never seen so much people in one place all my life,it was a literal sea of purple(the color of our gown) the traffic was mad,my parents were stuck in traffic for one hour straight,finally when they came,amidst all the eating and drinking and taking pictures,my mom told me that nate,edos and ese couldn’t make it.

let me not lie here,e pain me o,I was really hoping to get to see nate,victor did come though,victor and his roommate,it was nice,and after my parents prayed for me,they got into the car and left,it was just me and my guys,we played music,danced a little,played a few games,I was getting tired and wanted to go back to my hostel,but tess and merce were just getting started,party nor go kill them.

victor insisted I come and chill at his place,and that he has barely seen me all semester,feeling cheerful and light,I agreed,it was pure torture walking in those heels,but victor held my hand,when we got to his lodge,i really wasn’t in the mood to eat or drink anything but i still didn’t turn down the fanta he offered.

I got comfortable and started scrolling through his laptop for interesting movies,I had already totally washed my makeup of my face and pulled my lashes too,abeg!

I was kinda engrossed in the PC that I barely caught whatever its victor was say
“huh what was that? I didn’t quite catch it”

“I asked if you’re avoiding me nora”

I laughed “me? why will I avoid you na?”

“I don’t know,I just got that vibe” he said

“well I’m sorry for making you feel like that okay?”

he smiled
“nora I do like alot”

it was my turn to smile sheepishly like a moron,
he moved to kiss me,I dont know why,but something in me made me turn away,victor wasn’t daunted though,he still caught my lips,and that was where it all started to go wrong…

party nor go kill them:(PG) a sarcastic way of saying they like parties
e pain me o:it hurt me though

Hey everyone
been awhile,
I hope you enjoyed this chapter
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