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How to easily detect a lady with STIS.


Sexually transmitted infections have become common and spread easily among people , especially ladies and it is easily gotten through practicing unprotected sex…StIs include HPV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, and others.

Nowadays,It is very difficult and hard to identify a lady with STIs physically since the symptoms are mainly seen in their organs..

The sign include

Thick white discharge that represents yeast infection or green or yellow discharge for gonorrhea..

Without quick treatment of these infections,it might lead to infertility or cervical cancer.

Another signs people ignore are Sores around the mouth and lips..

A lady with STIS can easily be identified by looking at their lips…

Inorder to avoid this dear ladies,we should take care of our health by either Abstaining , being faithful or using contraceptive…
Infection are everywhere..


When we notice people with this infection or disease,the best thing to do is to show them love,care, support and not to avoid them….

If you notice any of this signs seek medical advice…

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