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Converting files or documents to pdf isn’t something difficult but still not everyone knows how to do it, while some find it hard to comprehend others see it as stress, some even pay others to do it as they wait on them… thing is certain, what you do not know, you do not know,so am going to teach you guys how to convert your office, school, home documents into pdf easily without stress. This includes both the easy web and app explanation.

(1) If your using a mobile phone,pc or tablet, just use this link below to convert a single file to pdf.

You must know that there are two convertible ways, first is single while second is multiple…. So for multiple pdf file convertion kindly make use of the link below and select the files you wish to convert and your good to go….

(2) You can equally use adobe to convert your single pdf file using the link below and can also do same via explanation in number 1.,DOC)%20to%20convert%20to%20PDF.&text=Your%20file%20will%20be%20uploaded%20to%20Adobe%20cloud%20storage

(3) Lastly, for those who have future files they wish to convert and even wish to save them incase of missing files,then I advise you download the app using the link below.

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